Road Trash, Death Explored In Upcoming Creature Short


Road Trash, Creature Feature Short Under Post-Production

Road Trash Film Details Natasha Pascetta Road Trash

Director: Natasha Pascetta

Writer: Natasha Pascetta

Release Date: In Production

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating:  TBA

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBA


Road Trash is a short horror film about good intentions gone wrong. Alice can’t help but bury every dead animal she comes across. One day, she buries something she never should have touched and pays for her kind act dearly. Natasha Pascetta Road Trash


As with most Horror film concepts, Road Trash was developed from the love of the genre and motivation to contribute to the culture. Filmmaker Natasha Pascetta spearheads this production serving as director, writer, and producer. The idea? A film that focuses on a bizarre and unconventional premise. These two descriptions, in absolute circumstances, indicate an inventive end product.

In Road Trash the narrative focuses on a youthful woman identified as Alice. Here is a psychological profile of this character based on a perception from the teaser trailer. Alice is solitary perhaps nomadic without a permanent place to call home. This facet may connect to a lack of trust issues.

Alice, as the synopsis describes, has with a fixation with death. Yet, this response sympathetically addresses the subject. Alice owns a peculiar obsession and/or moralistic commitment to bury dead animals she finds. Hence the title of the film, Road Trash. Natasha Pascetta Road Trash

While noble and favored the act of burying the dead may have a deeper connection with her subconscious. Perhaps Alice had a traumatic involvement with death. Could a subplot explore be a family or a loved one passed, and she never got to say good-bye?

In Conclusion

Road Trash is a short film and by the slate of film stills look to introduce a Natasha Pascetta Road Trashlooking creature. Its no surprise practical effects will be key to introducing the alienating force to life.

Pascetta’s film enters the post-production phase with its visuals accented by a score from musician James Malone. Malone is renowned for his contributions as one half of the Virginia Beach-based death metal band, Arsis.

Heather Langenkamp, an esteemed Actress in Horror cinema serves as narrator in Pascetta’s film.

No release date yet for Road Trash but expect this production to circulate within a film festival run. With its deep-rooted female aspect Road Trash in the forthcoming Women in Horror Film Festival.

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