Robot Wars Delivers FPS Intensity in Promo Clip -Trailer Review


Robot Wars, First Person Adrenaline Rush Trailer

Robot Wars, Film Details William L. Stewart, Breaking Glas Pictures, High Octane Pictures. Robot Wars

Director: William L. Stewart

Writer: William L. Stewart

Release Date: April 11, 2017

Release Format: DVD, VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Sci-Fi


In the near future, powerful corporations at war with each other over advanced technology development rule over an industrial wasteland. Corporate espionage has reached new heights of infiltration and bloodshed.
A convict is offered a second chance at freedom, but there is a catch: he must help a team of corporate thieves steal secretive prototype technology from a rival company. With a surgically-implanted camera and data links, he joins the team of thieves to complete the heist.
However, the mission is quickly compromised. With no contact to their company, the team is forced to take their stolen prize out into the lawless industrial sprawl. Savage gangs and corporate death squads are hot on their trail, and even worse, the team must come to grips with the true nature of their mission….and the terrifying power of their stolen technology.

Trailer Summary

Robot Wars trailer starts off pretty intense. A man is in a dark basement a facility of some sort. He is then seized and forced into a room. A team of scientists operate on him and plant a camera with data links inside his brain. This gives the film a first-person kind of feel.

The clip cuts to a scene in the desert. This is the industrial land, where he and a small team force to battle robot figures. What follows is a ruthless engagement between the unit and unknown assailants. Is this a rival company?


Robot Wars trailer is hard to understand, but it’s very suspenseful and action-packed. It mixes first-person shooter feel with combat movie. This blend Robot Warsoffers bring the movies Hardore Henry and Mortal Kombat to mind.
I’ve always been a fan of films centering around far-fetched and dystopian futures. These films usually bring a lot of hype to the circuit. Its definitely a nice break from the more traveled films of this genre.

The cinematography to Robot Wars is stunning. It reminds me of a first-person action film. These new slate of style are always fun and engaging in the sense that they put you in the film. You’re seeing everything happen up close and personal.
What’s unique about first-person films? While they can look similar to found footage films they are actually in a world of their own.


Robot Wars is nearing the US and worldwide release on April 11, 2017. The Sci-Fi had an original release date for October 5, 2016, in Japan. It’s directed by William L. Stewart, who also writes the script. Produced by Breaking Glass Pictures and High Octane Pictures.

The cast stars Ben Naaz, Teddy Canez, Jennifer Sydney, and Faye Kingslee.


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