Sargad, Revenge Thriller Completes Production -First Impressions


Sargad, Exploitation Revenge Cuts Post Production, Teases Horror With Trailer Director: Andres R. Ramos Writer: Sarah Gierckskyn Sargad

Sargad Film Details 

Director: Andres R. Ramos

Writer: Sarah Giercksky

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: TBD

Genre: Horror

Running Time: N/A


Sargad is about a young woman, Elina, that drives to a cabin with her mom and younger sister to spread her dad’s ashes. They encounter three brothers that will make their weekend a living hell.

Director: Andres R. Ramos Writer: Sarah Giercksky Sargad


Sargad is Swedish for the word Lacerated or Wounded. No matter the language the stylistic vision is universal. Sargad enters the controversial thematic realm of exploitative, revenge Thrillers. This subgenre in Horror cinema took roots in the late seventies. Since then the concept evolved offering unique perspectives of violence against women.

Feminist groups often cry foul at these type of films. Of course, there is a parallel interpretation most people don’t understand. Exploitation revenge films in this author’s eyes symbolize an expression of female empowerment. Strong female protagonists are a staple of Horror and/or Sci-Fi cinema. With revenge films, male oppression and domination become a stronger driving force. With the latter, it serves as a metaphor to reflect circumstances in societies

Revenge films convey a different breed of final girl. Instead of survival mode as is the case in slashers the protagonist issues justice. There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching the female lead extract her vengeance. Murder is the solution against those that soiled her purity.

Director: Andres R. Ramos Writer: Sarah Giercksky Sargad

First Impressions

The trailer for Sargad play is Swedish with English subtitles. Yet, the visuals conveyed the film much louder than the dialogue. From the footage, viewers can piece together the unfortunate sequence of events. The trailer gives much information on the upcoming full feature release.

Horror enthusiasts keen on genre films will be quick to notice the homage paid with Sargad. Revenge films of yesteryear seem to be the centerpiece. In fact, Sargad appears as a template on established ideas and they are as follows;

The protagonist embodies an attractive, innocent beauty. This serves as a lure for audiences. Her delicate frame is symbolic of all things pure. Her red colored hair may also reference the color of sacrifice.

For the antagonists, we see the typical rugged, narcissistic-masochistic male figures. The crime committed will be emotionally driven.

All of the above sets the stage for Sarah Giercksky’s grim vision.

The trailer does enough to conjure curiosity. Stay tuned to DecayMag for our upcoming Film Review for Andres R. Ramos‘ upcoming production.

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