She Kills, Revenge Exploitation Film Relentless -First Impressions


She Kills Takes Gritty Classic Exploitative Theme to Modern Ron Bonk, SRS Cinema. She Kills

She Kills, Film Details 

Director: Ron Bonk

Writer: Ron Bonk

Release Date: April 11, 2017

Release Format: DVD, Cable, VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Action, Horror


Sadie’s life is destroyed when a vicious gang called ‘The Touchers’ targets her for their sadistic fantasies after witnessing her sexy but innocent naked frolicking in a nearby field. On her wedding night they attack her and her husband Edward, brutalizing both of them.

But during the attack the virgin bride discovers a dangerous secret about her body – she is cursed with the legendary ‘Fire Crotch,’ a condition where Satan has laid claim to her vagina. After visiting her fortune teller friend Casparella, a space exorcism is attempted on her meat flaps, but it only ends up unlocking secret hidden powers inside her.

Her hatchet wound becomes lethal, her most deadly weapon in her thirst for revenge against The Touchers and her fight against lustful men everywhere!


She Kills is said to be an homage to 70s Drive-In movies and 42nd street Grindhouse cinema. It has made its debut in prestigious venues, such as Eerie Horror Film Festival and The Optical Theater. It has also shown on Amazon Video and Vimeo.

The cast stars

  • Jennie Russo
  • Trey Harrison
  • Michael Merchant
  • Jody Pucello
  • David Royal
  • Martha Zemsta
  • Niecy Cerise

She Kills has originally released in May of 2016 in film festivals and on streaming platforms. But on April 11, 2017, SRS Cinema will release the film in North America on DVD, Cable channels, and Video on Demand. The Action, Horror is directed by Ron Bonk, who also writes the script.

Trailer Analysis

She Kills is a sadistic Exploitation Grindhouse revenge film. Jennie Russo plays Sadie, a young woman who have been victimized and now finds herself fighting back. Sadie becomes enraged with a vengeance as she develops a blood lust of her predators. She dons an eyepatch, weapons, an alter-ego, and now she sets out to kill her tormentors


She Kills trailer and teaser clip plays like a classic 70s exploitation, sleaze movie. Likewise, the graphics and special effects coincide with the era and the objective.

Based on the synopsis, I speculate it’s combining two movies into one: Teeth and I Spit on Your Grave. One thing I have not seen before is a woman’s vagina being possessed by the devil, or “Fire Crotch”. This is an interesting plot.

Near the end of the trailer, you see a glimpse of Sadie’s monstrous vagina. It had tentacles; almost like a squid or an octopus. This is definitely something new that is intriguing.


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