Songbird Spins A Tale Of Psychological Drama, Terror

Songbird Film Short Details Helen Baldwin Howard Kingkade Songbird

Director: Helen Baldwin


Helen Baldwin

Howard Kingkade

Release Date: TBD

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre:  Short, Crime, Horror

Running Time: 17min

Social Networking: Facebook


A troubled street musician finds a magical camera that ends his loneliness while opening a door to his darker side.


The 2018 Horror film festival calendar year is unfolding and DecayMag will be hard at work showcasing the upcoming slate of films. One film expected to establish its course into this year’s circulation is Helen Baldwin’s psychological Thriller, Songbird. The film not only garnered film critic attention it also achieved an official selection nod at Film Fest L.A. According to IMDb Songbird marks Baldwin’s second short film directorial release and first venture into cryptic themed subtexts.

Songbird cast

Jonathan Benton… Ray Faraday

Richard A. Hayes…. Bill Faraday

Judith Bartowski…. Roxanne Helen Baldwin Howard Kingkade Songbird
Helen Baldwin, Director, Co-Writer (l) Jonathan Benton, Actor (r)

First Impressions Helen Baldwin Howard Kingkade Songbird
John Lauterbach, special makeup effects artist (l) Jonathan Benton, Actor (r)

Most cinephiles often disregard the intricacies provided in a film trailer. The sequence of random clips, dialogue, and tension speak volumes. It all depends on how you, the viewer interpret and examine the trailer.

With Songbird the trailer carries a running time of thirty-one (31) seconds. During this time little exposure is given the story structure. This is a clever tactic from the editor as it leaves the viewer curious for additional information.

Although alluded to in the synopsis facets of the supernatural was not cited in the trailer. Clever camera angles and lighting communicated an intimate level of angst and conflict. This is the emotional drama writers Helen Baldwin and Howard Kingkade appended to this short film.

Horror filmmakers have a clever way of blending the supernatural and psychological to showcase a core message. It is a mystery at this moment what moral story Songbird will display.

A distinguishing and stunning visual is retained in the final moments of the Songbird trailer. The shot presents an extreme closeup of a distraught male, his face blood caked and sweat-drenched. I found the rule of thirds employed creatively in this scene. Setting the subject on one side of the frame builds an artistic form of suspense. This angle coupled with the delivery from the actor enhances a menacing delivery of inner conflict. The trailer teases, expect to see an elegant tempo in the full presentation of Songbird.

Stay tuned to DecayMag for further development on Songbird.



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