Sulphur for Leviathan Trailer First Impressions


Sulphur For Leviathan; Metaphors, Symbolism Raises religious Debate

Sulphur For Leviathan Film Details Director: James Quinn, Adam Rodgers Sulfur For Leviathan

Director: James QuinnAdam Rodgers

Writer: James Quinn

Release Date: 2018.

Release Format: premiere on the film festival circuit

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Drama, Horror

Running Time: N/A


The story of Sulphur for Leviathan revolves around a nun, who suddenly finds herself progressively fantasizing about things that shouldn’t be in her head, increasingly having to face her own doings of blasphemy, all leading up to something demonically dark and sinister. Portrayed in a surreal manner both in color and black and white, with a heavy focus on elegant cinematography, the film tells a satanic tale of unfulfilled desires, lust, blasphemy and existential dread, packed in a controversial and disturbing, but calm and poetic experience that is heavily inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky, with a touch of satanism. Director: James Quinn, Adam Rodgers Sulfur For Leviathan

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Satanism is a subject well explored in Horror cinema. Often the ideologies and concepts become misrepresented to express narratives of supernatural and nightmarish visual designs. It is unusual to encounter an aesthetic interpretation of principals based on this religion.

Filmmaker James Quinn may have performed such a deed while also saluting a grand fuck you toward the Catholic church. Quinn’s upcoming film titled, Sulphur for Leviathan includes an authoritative message to tell. Director: James Quinn, Adam Rodgers Sulfur For Leviathan

 “Sulphur for Leviathan is a film that started out purely as an idea of rage. An outcry of anger against the anti-rationalism of the Catholic church, in this case not the more widely discussed controversies such as reoccurring cases of pedophilia and abuse, but rather the many moral codes they like to preach, like the commonly known ‘turn the other cheek’.

While that may sound like a rather aggressive reason for a film, it is in its essence nothing but a piece of food for thought, intended to raise some questions about tough moral decisions that would be executed in a vastly different way outside of the religious concept.”

 James Quinn Sulphur for Leviathan Co-Director, Writer

The messages Quinn expresses with Sulphur for Leviathan  are two of the nine Satanic statements from the Satanic Bible written by Anton Lavey.

• Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence

• Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification Director: James Quinn, Adam Rodgers Sulfur For Leviathan

First Impressions

The visuals displayed in the trailer are best identified with extreme productions in Horror. These are films that have a cult following yet remain removed from the mainstream and commercial markets. These productions are compelling for its uncensored attitude to filmmaking. Before venturing into this obscure sub-genre in Horror you must ask yourself if a trilogy of a youthful couple vomiting for the duration of each film or killers mutilating their victims without dialogue is a construct of your entertainment.

With Sulphur for Leviathan, the above-specified examples are non-existent but the visuals are impactful. Religion play as a significant component in this film. It is intriguing to discover Christianity showed as the antagonizing force. In the short glimpse presented in the trailer, it is clear the filmmaker is conveying that Satanism is the key to deliverance. Or is He?

Sulphur for Leviathan is a philosophical production rich with symbolism beginning with the Saint Peter’s crosses covering the poster art. Using the upturned cross serves as a clever way to emphasize how contrary doctrines join one symbol. Saint Peter’s cross emerged in Christianity and later developed into The Church of Satan.

Sulphur for Leviathan is a film many are eager to watch, it will provoke an excellent conversational piece for any Horror enthusiast.


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