Taste of Phobia, A. Unnerving Anthology on Phobias

Taste of Phobia, A. Film Details

Director (s):

Writer(s): As stated above

Release date: 22nd May 2018

Release format: DVD and VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running time: 90 mins


Presenting 14 unnerving segments, featured phobias include caetophobia (fear of hairs), henophobia (fear of young virgin girls), coprophobia (fear of faeces), mysophobia (fear of contamination and germs), mazeophobia (fear of being lost), astrophobia (fear of celestial objects), mageirocophobia (fear of cooking) and oneirophobia (fear of dreams).

DecayMag.com A Taste of Phobia


“As someone with a high number of phobias myself — fear of ceiling fans and hotel remotes to name just two — I was hesitant to watch A Taste of Phobia. But after 90 minutes of seeing people traumatized, institutionalized and dying from their fears, I felt much better….”

“It’s a cinematic colonic for a sick mind and a must for Artsploitation fans.”

Artsploitation President, Raymond Murray.

“We are proud that Artsploitation will be releasing this great and scary horror movie in the U.S…..

“I’m sure that the fans of horror movies in America will enjoy it and will also be surprised to learn about the stranger and terrifying kind of phobias that exist in the world”

Marco Magni, international sales representative for EuroObscura


DecayMag.com A Taste of Phobia

A Taste Of Phobia is a new gruesome horror anthology film scheduled for release May 2018 and here at DecayMag, an unsettling trailer for the 90-minute horror trip has just dropped. Brought to us by 14 different directors worldwide ‘A Taste Of Phobia’ could be the best thing since the release of the ABC’s Of Death.

Packed with copious amounts of gore, obscenities and all the horrid amount of goodness that we as horror fans come to expect from this genre, A Taste Of Phobia is set to blow the minds of anyone who is a diehard fan of anthology films.

I myself am particularly excited for this film to release and can’t wait to check it out as anthology films are my favourite when it comes to indie horror! If it’s got blood, screams, death, entrails being ripped out then I will certainly love it! In fairness to this trailer, it does not let my expectations down! I have high hopes for A Taste Of Phobia!


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