Torment, Upcoming Too Extreme For Mainstream Release


Torment, A Gore-Fueled Film Inspired By John Wayne Gacy Murders

Torment: Film, Adam Ford, Likov Mitoloskih, Torment

Director: Adam Ford

Writer: Likov Mitoloskih

Release Date: TBA, 2019

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: Not Stated

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Torment is one of two titles that will be first to release under Unearthed Films‘ new ‘Too Extreme For Mainstream’ collection. Anyone who has watched productions from Unearthed Films knows how hardcore, brutal, and grotesque these films can get. Yet, they have been able to survive in the mainstream population.

The subject content of these productions sensitive material that aficionados of the extreme can handle, or anyone who has a tough skin, a stomach of steel, and ability to think outside of the box. This is what it takes to, not only ‘survive’ such productions but also to understand, Adam Ford, Likov Mitoloskih, Torment

Speaking in terms of survival in Horror cinema entertainment (or any genre of like-minded, sensitive content), there are certain productions that will test the limits of its viewers. Most fall under the realm of the Horror genre, but there is a select few that fall under other genres. Pier Paolo Pasolini is one notable Director and Writer who dwells in such content, but his works fall under more Drama with subtle Horror undertones. Marian Dora‘s The Angels’ Melancholy or Melancholie der Engel emphasizes in Drama and Fantasy with subtle Horror undertones.

Due to the EXTREME nature of this content, we cannot offer these films through normal distribution outlets. Aspects of these films may be considered illegal in your state or country. Due to the ever present moral majority of the populace, TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM films can only be available through us.

Because Torment and Deep Web XXX have scenes of unrepentant cruelty and are of a highly disgusting nature, we cannot release this through Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or other online retailers without getting into legal trouble. This is due to the laws of different states in the United States, and countries around the world. Unearthed Films refuses to cut certain titles for mainstream consumption.

Since these are the first two titles we have ever come across to actually not be legal in all states and all countries, we have decided to offer these films as the beginning of our TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM brand.

Torment, Unearthed Films Press Release, Adam Ford, Likov Mitoloskih, Torment


Torment; Ford and Mitoloskih come together for a gore-fueled film inspired by John Wayne Gacy. The name is notorious in the world of Criminals and Serial Killers, but if you are not familiar with him, he is also known as ‘The Killer Clown’ because he was a child entertainer who often dressed as Pogo the Clown. He committed acts such as rape, sodomy, and murder, and his victims were young men. A lot of his victims’ bodies were buried underneath his home

It highlights the cruel acts of Gacy in the Torment trailer and focuses on a man dressed as a clown. Observing the disguised man, I can make initial assumptions. He wears the deep emotional wounds of past neglect, anger, depression, and trauma. There is no dialogue in the trailer, but several clips depict torture, mutilation, and human vileness. The color schemes bounce between Complementary to Split Complementary and Gray Scale. The tone of the film is intimate and is equipped with dark melodic instrumental tones.

Ford and Mitoloskih’s adaptation of the notorious serial killer amps up the already vile acts Gacy has committed. At least, those that depict and discuss in previous films and documentaries. A lot of like-minded productions censor out such scenes for mainstream consumption, only showing what most can handle, but this production seems to push the boundaries of the story further and go deeper into the realm of human torture., Adam Ford, Likov Mitoloskih, Torment



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