Vidar The Vampire; Indie Horror To Release August 2017


Vidar The Vampire Comedy, Horror on Self Development

Vidar Vampire, The First Impressions Details 

Original Title: VampyrVidar

Directors: Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland

Writers: Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland

Release Date: August 23, 2017

Release Format: Theatrical

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes


Vidar Haarr is a 33 year old, sexually frustrated bachelor farmer who leads a Christian, monotonous and strenuous working life on his mother’s farmstead in the Western outskirts of Norway. In a desperate attempt to break free from routine, Vidar prays to a higher power to grant him a life without boundaries. Unfortunately, his prayers are heard and Vidar wakes up one evening as the Prince of Darkness in sin city, Stavanger. Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, UFOh! Productions. Vadir the VampireOverview

Vidar the Vampire, also known as Vampyr Vidar will release in film festivals on August 23, 2017. The Norwegian Comedy, Fantasy, Horror is produced by UFOh! Productions. The film will premiere at The Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund. It will also screen at Fantasy Filmfest, Germany and FilmQuest, the USA in September 2017.

The cast

The crew

John Iver Berg, Director of Photography

Tommy Enervold Jørpeland, Editor

Jan Erik Hagevold, Sound

General Forsamling, Kriminell Kunst, Thomas Aske Berg, Music Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, UFOh! Productions. Vadir the VampireFirst Impressions

In the Vampyr Vidar trailer, Vidar Hårr (portrayed by Thomas Aske Berg) is being seen by a Psychologist (portrayed by Kim Sønderholm). He recounts his life story. This part having tones in Drama. Vidar doesn’t look like the vampire we have become accustomed to such as Dracula and Nosferatu. Vidar appears to be an average everyday man, who is going through struggles in his life. This is obvious by the synopsis.

The Vampyr Vidar trailer transforms. What ensues are a series of clips, almost like a flashback. This is where you see the more familiar vampire, almost as if he is transforming from human to beast. What also ensues are random clips of events that are a little confusing. The trailer jumps back to a session beside the Psychologist. It then proceeds to the flashback sequences. Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, UFOh! Productions. Vadir the VampireIn Conclusion

Based on the trailer, it looks like Vampyr Vidar is a narrative film, told in the first person. The title character recounting his life experiences as a vampire to his psychologist. The film interweaves between flashbacks, the past, and the present. This with Action and Comedy tones throughout. However, the trailer is a little choppy between the flashbacks and the therapy sessions.

Vampyr Vidar looks like it takes a different approach to vampire films. There appears to be a decent amount of violence and gore, which you can expect from themed films. The special effects look good here. The story is intriguing. It’s not the vampire pitch we have become accustomed to. The whole “vampire to reunite and rule the world with his love” offer obstacles for the vampire. Battles both internal and external end on a bad note for the undead creature.

Also, notice in the IMDb cast lineup, there are other notable characters. The Succubus (Isabelle Cau), the Whores of Babylon (Penda Faal and Camilla Thorvaldsen), the Gypsy Lady (Sham Jaff), and Jesus (Brigt Skrettingland), among others. This makes for an interesting character ensemble.


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