VampyrVidar Trailer A Memorable Bite Of Comedy?


VampyrVidar: Vidar The Vampire To Hypnotize Viewers This June

VampyrVidar: Vidar The Vampire Film Details Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, VampyrVidar, Vidar The Vampire


Thomas Aske Berg,

Fredrik Waldeland


Thomas Aske Berg

Fredrik Waldeland

Release Date: June 12, 2018

Release Format: DVD, On Demand

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

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Running Time: 1 hr 23 min


Vidar the Vampire is about a 33 year-old, sexually frustrated bachelor farmer who leads a monotonous Christian life on his mother’s farm, located on the outskirts of Western Norway. In a desperate attempt to break free of his shackles, Vidar prays to the Lord to grant him a life without boundaries. Instead, he wakes up as the Prince of Darkness!

Press Release. Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, VampyrVidar, Vidar The Vampire


VampyrVidar, also known as Vidar The Vampire has released on June 12, 2018 by Epic Pictures Releasing. The Comedy, Fantasy, Horror is written and directed by duo Thomas Aske Berg and Fredrik Waldeland. The film is available on DVD, as well as the following On Demand channels:



Dish Network

Google Play






The Cast

Thomas Aske Berg……Vidar Hårr

Brigt Skrettingland……Jesus

Kim Sønderholm……Psychologist

Henrik Rafaelsen……Pastor Tor Magne Abrahamsen

Marit Sanden……Kristin Hårr

Espen Hana……AA Chairperson

Isabelle Cau……Succubus Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, VampyrVidar, Vidar The Vampire

First Impressions

Vidar is a sex-repressed man who seeks help from a Psychologist to help him with his uncontrollable urges. As the title suggests, he is a vampire who lusts the blood of young, beautiful women. The trailer starts in a patient session, and travels through time in flashbacks as Vidar tells his story.

The trailer clips unravel from calm to bizarre. From serious to bland, but dark humor. Comedy standpoint is subtle and crude. Practical effects look minimal, but it works for the tone of the story which appears to take a parallel approach. The film strikes me as non-conventional, with the trailer in mind, and taking into consideration other vampire-themed productions. Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, VampyrVidar, Vidar The Vampire


VampyrVidar is coming off an incredible festival run. It debuted at The Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, with a U.S. premiere at Filmquest, and went on to play at Screamfest in Los Angeles, Fantasy Film Festival in Germany, Fantastic Fest, Monsters of Film, Panic Film Festival, the Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival, and most recently at Fantaspoa. Thomas Aske Berg, Fredrik Waldeland, VampyrVidar, Vidar The Vampire

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