Veil, The. Wields Sharp Narrative, Visuals in Trailer, Stills


Veil, The. Vengeance, Betrayal Drive Fantasy Narrative

Veil, The. Film Details Director: Brent Ryan Green Writer: Jeff Goldberg The Veil

Director: Brent Ryan Green

Writer: Jeff Goldberg

Release Date: August 11th, 2017

Release Format: Select Cinemas, VOD

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 

Running Time: 1h 33min 


Set in a war-torn land where tribal factions live in fear of annihilation, the film tells the story of a deadly warrior leading a destructive war campaign. When he is betrayed by his own and left for dead, he is healed by a mysterious princess and taken in by a hidden tribe that believes he was chosen to wage a final battle.

First Impressions

After examining the trailer for The Veil its obvious that IMDb has the genre wrong. Brent Ryan Green’s directorial debut falls under the Fantasy and uses action components. The film introduces the basic account of retribution, a standard thread within the genre. Another popular outline is that of the quest, which appears indisputable in Green’s film.

From a production viewpoint, The Veil has a general narrative yet it looks well organized. Betrayal also becomes an external opposing authority for the lead character, a battle-hardened warrior. Based on the trailer audiences can grasp of admiration of the landscape. Whatever the locale maybe it produces a satisfactory display of an era long forgotten.

For the acting, there was a level of uncertainty before seeing this trailer. After watching the two-minute long clip doubts got proven wrong. The average B-movie quality appears non-existent here. The lead character’s development comes as the selling point for The Veil. Without the male bravado and steroid juiced physique the protagonist appears both relatable and practical.

One striking observation to mention is CGI and its the omission thereof. To elaborate, there weren’t any scenes involving colossal fire-breathing dragons or winged mythical animals. Did the application of computer generated effects got placed at a minimum, as enhancements rather than visual eye candy?

The Veil Releases on VOD August 11th, 2017. Stay Tuned for DecayMag Film Review



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