VelociPastor, First Impressions on Retro Inspired Horror


VelociPastor, The. Throwback Horror Get Action Trailer

VelociPastor, The. Film Details Brendan Steere, Brandon Taylor. The VelociPastor

Director: Brendan Steere

Writer: Brendan Steere

Release Date: TBA, 2018

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes


Gregory James Cohan who travels to China and is scratched by an ancient artifact, which allows him to turn into a dinosaur. After initially being reticent to use his power, he’s convinced by his hooker friend Alyssa Kempinski to use this power for good, and fight the ninja menace that’s begun plaguing the city.


The VelociPastor is in post-production with a release date scheduled for 2018. Brandon Taylor serves as produced and Jesse Gouldsbury is onboard as Cinematographer.

The cast stars

Aurelio Voltaire

Gregory James Cohan

Alyssa Kempinski

Claire Hsu

Nicholas M. Garofolo

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The VelociPastor short film follows Doug Jones (portrayed by Gregory James Cohan). Jones is a priest facing unfortunate events after finding a mysterious gem. An accidental scratch off from the gem has unexplained changes happening to his body. An enticing scene in the trailer shows his body transforming into a creature. The result is a dinosaur.

Father Jones finds himself in a dilemma. To put an end to his powers, or to use his powers for good. Words of encouragement from his friend Carol (portrayed by Alyssa Kempinski) allows Jones to make a decision. He chooses to go on a killing spree targeting criminals and wrongdoers. Father Jones passes it off as doing God’s work.

In the trailer, Father John and Carol get attacked by ninjas invading their home. During a confession, Father John discovers his powers unleash when surrounded by negativity. His anger fuels the beast within him. Brendan Steere, Brandon Taylor. The VelociPastor

First Impressions

It is said that The VelociPastor is an ode to bad b-movies of the 70s. Viewing the short film and the trailer, I can definitely see this reference. Everything about the film looks cheesy, mediocre, and over the top. From the acting to the killing scenes and practical and special effects.

There looks to be a lot of action in the film, which is a plus. I think this will give the film leverage.

In Conclusion

The VelociPastor looks like a throwback cheesy sleaze, splatter film. The acting, practical effects, and special effects look mediocre and over the top. However, this looks to be the point of the film, so very successful in that. I happen to be a big fan for cheesy, sleaze, splatter films. Especially if they’re brutal and gory.


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