Venom Trailer Teases Narrative, Creature Origin


Venom Gets Teaser Trailer, Opens Interpretation on Plot

Venom Film Details Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer(s): Kelly Marcel Venom

Director: Ruben Fleischer


Kelly Marcel

Characters: Todd McFarlaneDavid Michelinie

Screenwriter: Jeff Pinkner

Written by: Scott Rosenberg

Release Date: 5 October 2018 (USA)

Release Format: Cinemas

MPAA Rating: TBA

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Running Time: TBA


This plot is unknown. Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer(s): Kelly Marcel Venom
Tom Hardy in Venom (2018)


With the acceleration in popularity of superhero films, Hollywood/Marvel/Sony are now marketing the theme into other genres. Once family-friendly PG-13 action adventures have now migrated into rated R and Horror territory. Venom, the forthcoming release will lean on the latter.

For the uninitiated, Venom identifies as both an anti-hero and vengeful villain. The story of this morbid character evolved from the Spiderman comic book universe. To be specific, Venom made its debut in The Amazing Spider-Man issue number 300 released May 1988. Among many of the Marvel Universe characters, Venom also has extraordinary capabilities. In fact, Venom is part of a race of extraterrestrials know as Symbiotes. These beings are parasitic, meaning they feed off the host they possess. Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer(s): Kelly Marcel Venom

Eddie Brock is a character most identified as Venom’s second host. The initial victim was Peter Parker/Spiderman. Venom will release this October and will mark the first solo appearance for the character. Cinephiles first discovered the dark-clad character in Spiderman 3 released in 2007. Actor Topher Grace portrayed the role of Eddie Brock/Venom. Actor Tom Hardy represents the upgraded variant of the dual role. Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer(s): Kelly Marcel Venom
Michelle Williams in Venom (2018)

First Impressions

The teaser trailer for Venom opens with Eddie Brock undergoing a PET scan. A fade moves into the adjoining room where two lab technicians measure the imaging results. While these two scenes may not communicate much to the average viewer astute observers will draw on the clues offered. This string of clips can suggest that the character Eddie Brock is a subject, willing or unwilling in a covert government testing/experiment. Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer(s): Kelly Marcel Venom

Actor Tom Hardy expresses a powerful voice-over monologue, his American accent reminiscent to his role in Warrior. During Hardy’s speech, key scenes seem to reveal the core plot. One image finds Brock lost within a shadowy labyrinth, glass-encapsulated rooms illuminating the darkness.

Following clips feature a crash site, a hint at the creature origin. Investigators most likely military personnel cordoned the area. The bio-suits they wear illustrate a biohazard threat. Yet, one individual wanders around unprotected sporting a black security uniform. Is this Brock? Is this a Men In Black agent? My suspicion is that this person is Brock. The slow fade of Brock lying on the PET scan bed supports my theory. The way to which he awakes further strengthens my interpretation. Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer(s): Kelly Marcel Venom

At the one minute mark to the trailer, viewers receive a glimpse of Venom in its natural form, a sentient tar-like organism. The incarcerated creature sways in a high-tech containment unit. Can anyone say government conspiracy plot? Added sequences depict Brock escaping the medical facility. The energetic action is complete with a high-speed chase and explosive car wrecks. We can all speculate that Brock was not a willing participant in being a human guinea pig. Director: Ruben Fleischer Writer(s): Kelly Marcel Venom

To sum here’s my interpretation of the course of events based on the scenes in the trailer;

• Eddie Brock is in the wrong place at the wrong time when an extraterrestrial object crashes unto a field.

• The US military secures an unknown organic life form, which we all recognize as Venom.

• Brock becomes poisoned and undergoes testing

• After realizing he wants no part of the experiment Brock triggering a manhunt

• Expect the common plot concerning the US military having insidious objectives.


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