Violent Starr, Trailer First Impressions On Space Opera


Violent Starr, Space Opera Slated for 2018 Trailer Reveals Action

Violent Starr: Film Details 

Director: Oliver Oliver Tietgen, Matti Schindehütte, Boesewicht Film.Violent Starr

Writers: Oliver Tietgen, Matti Schindehütte

Release Date: TBA, 2018

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Running Time: TBA


Peace in the galaxy – or whats left of it – is crumbling. The evil god-like creature, the GODMICHAEL, a giant head floating in space and his evil minions are swarming out to eliminate creatures and races that the Godmichael deems “unworthy”. No one knows what the criteria for his choices are, it’s a random elimination of individuals, a terror regime.

On one of Violent Starr’s “business trips” as a space pirate she picks up a stranger with an unlikely cargo: The golden hand of the original Violent Starr. Will she and her small crew of misfits get to the planet L where the Godmichael breeds his minions called the Loreks and destroy the energy field which protects the giant head? Will she shake all the bounty hunters off her tail? Will she be able to handle her crew?


Violent Starr is in pre-production with filming is set to begin this month. The film is a production of Boesewicht Film.

The cast stars

Michael Berryman

Bianca Bradey

Jerry Kwarteng

Nicolas Heini

Jasna Kohoutova

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Violent Starr follows the title character (portrayed by Bianca Bradey). She appears to be a vigilante, assassin, or a warrior of some sort. The synopsis specifies her as a space pirate that battles Godmichael’s minions. Actor Michael Berryman portrays Godmichael the floating head of a warlord. Oliver Tietgen, Matti Schindehütte, Boesewicht Film.Violent Starr

First Impressions

Violent Starr trailer is enticing and gripping from the second you press play. The graphics are amazing. The CGI gives it the feel of a high graphics video game. That’s the impression given when the trailer begins. This is my first time hearing about a “space pirate”. Viewing the trailer, I assume the term was equivalent to that of an assassin.

When I hear this term I thought of films like Pirates of the Caribbean. Violent Starr also has that action-intensive familiarity to films such as Star Wars. The graphics alone are exciting and makes me interested to see more. There appears to be a decent amount of action in the film. Intergalactic battle scenes where Violent Starr battles her nemesis, these alien-like creatures. The creature effects look stunning and awesome. The renders don’t appear to fall into anything mediocre. The trailer theme music from Moon Tooth is good and fits the trailer well.

In Conclusion

Violent Starr looks to be very intriguing. The trailer captures your attention in under 60 seconds. This is a very successful promotional Oliver Tietgen, Matti Schindehütte, Boesewicht Film.Violent Starr


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