When It Rings; Exclusive First Look Trailer, Poster Art


When It Rings: Pick Up Receiver When This Horror Film Calls, 2018

When It Rings Film Details  DecayMag.com Ty Haisten, David Rivers When It Rings


Ty Haisten

David Rivers


Ty Haisten 

David Rivers

Release Date: TBA, 2018

Release Format: Theatrical

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: TBA


Ten years ago, when they were kids, Zach’s sister drowned in their backyard pool. Following that tragedy, his mom became too unstable to take care of him and Zach moved out with his dad to live. Now, after years of coping, Zach returns to the house with his father, to sell it. While going through his things, Zach finds the old toy phone he thought was long gone. After it begins ringing, Zach must decide whether to answer it, and open up old wounds, or get rid of it, and the only connection to his dead sister, forever. What he decides will make him question, not only his own reality, but the circumstances behind his sister’s death.


When It Rings moves further into development and production. In July, Writer and Director Ty Haisten and David Rivers introduced an intriguing pitch and concept. Based on a short film called Chatter, also by Haisten and Rivers. The full-length Thriller feature is produced by Trick Shot Media LLC and Stauros Entertainment LLC.

The Cast

Gonzalo Martin – Zach Garland

Sally Kirkland – Lesley Judd

Amy Ellenberger – Beverly Garland

Mann Alfonso – Sam Garland

Mel Novak – Hank Lancaster

Sophia Monti – Ellie Peterson

Tyrone Tann – Officer Garret Fisher

Marcus Louis Fien – Officer Frank Price

Taylor Lyons – Tami Hoode


DecayMag.com Ty Haisten, David Rivers When It Rings

First Impressions

The official trailer for When It Rings in just over 30 seconds capture the viewer and leaves them wanting to know more. It opens with a young man asking his mother about going into his room, but she is clueless what he is speaking of.

This brings about suspicion if he was dreaming or hallucinating. What interweaves is a series of clips full of darkness and mystery. You can sense the struggle that goes on “behind closed doors”, as the saying goes. The trailer ends with the toy phone that succeeds at being creepy from a psychological standpoint.

With the short film Chatter in mind, the When It Rings trailer adds more to the story to the point where the viewer can understand more. In the short film, the young woman is “summoned”, if you will, by this toy phone, which is much difference in resemblance than the latter trailer. She gets taunted by a mysterious voice and supernatural presence. This is chilling in its subtlety.

This sets the story and tone for When It Rings, where a lead character is a young man been having dreams and visions. It all leads him to the toy phone which has seemed to come alive. This is also a psychological creepy concept, and an invigorating one. The trailer also ends abruptly, but it’s enough to get speculation going on what will transpire.

The trailer is equipped with a dark and dramatic background score that adds intensity. Especially towards the end when you hear the sound of the toy phone’s wheels and then the sudden ring. When the trailer ends, the viewer holds a range of questions and emotions. This is a very successful strategy here. Now, you have to watch the movie because you have to know what will happen.

The official poster art for When It Rings is successful at getting the overall message across. You have the toy phone that peeks mysteriously out of a toy chest. The phone is dangling off the receiver. The words “When It Rings” are in big bold letters with the word “Rings” being emphasized in red. This strategy speaks volumes. It gives off the vibe that bad things are yet to come. That there will be blood. It also gives off an intended warning.

In Conclusion

When It Rings look to be in a heavy Supernatural rotation. The antagonist presumably this toy phone that opens the door to all of the darkness, suspense, and chaos that is yet to come. All it takes is a ring and an answer. The production is slated for a 2018 theatrical release. An official date has yet to be announced.

DecayMag.com Ty Haisten, David Rivers When It Rings


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