Wolf Mother Promotions Video Unveiled

Wolf Mother is a crime thriller written and directed by Erik Peter Carlson.

In June 2016, the film had its Hollywood premiere at the Chinese Theatre. Wolf Mother will now commit to a film festival circulation. A public release will be announced soon.

The film features a company of veteran actors. A partial list of the cast includes the following: Tom SizemoreNajarra TownsendMary Carey, Constance Brenneman and Maria Olsen.

Carlson’s film will present audiences with an intriguing tale of Mystery and human drama. Erik Peter Carlson’s much-anticipated film is rich in story narrative. This would explain the sold-out crowd at the Hollywood premiere.

The Synopsis to the film reads as follows:

In an attempt to rectify their criminal past, a once successful
Hollywood starlet, turn prostitute, and a petty, misogynistic thief, set out together to solve a high profile child abduction case in San Francisco.


A promotional video titled; “Last Night I Heard Something” unveiled earlier today. The clip features actress Najarra Townsend. Townsend portrays the role of Zelda. The character is a former Hollywood icon, turned prostitute. In the film, Zelda sets out on a personal mission to solve a high-profile kidnapping of a young girl.

According to the press release, Wolf Mother will release via home entertainment, once distribution is secured. Also, stated are appearances scheduled within the immediate future. Erik Peter Carlson’s Thriller is produced by Riding Hood Motion Pictures

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UPDATE: October 10th 2016

Wolf Mother will release before the scheduled 2017 theatrical release. Joblo in collaboration with Riding Hood Motion Pictures will debut Erik Peter Carlson’s Thriller on Youtube. The film is slated to be an exclusive release on Joblo’s YouTube channel.

DecayMag.com Erik Peter Carlson Wolf Mother

Erik Peter Carlson’s Thriller will unveil sometime November 2017

“The traditional indie model has been obsolete for years…with our release on JoBlo’s YouTube Channel, Wolf Mother will be in the hands of millions of people at once around the globe. This is something you could never achieve with traditional indie distribution.”

Erik Peter Carlson Director, Writer Wolf Mother

Wolf Mother will be available for purchase, at $6.99 via JoBlo’s Youtube Channel

DecayMag.com Erik Peter Carlson Wolf Mother


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