Tremors Next Installment to Feature Kevin Bacon

Tremors news update…

Release Date: TBD, Still in development

Writer: Andrew Miller

Production: Kevin Bacon, Universal Cable Productions, Blumhouse Productions

Tremors will Have Kevin Bacon Once More Kevin Bacon Tremors

As much as we love the “Tremors” TV series, it just hasn’t been the same without Kevin Bacon! After his appearance in the first “Tremors”, it was a bummer to see him go. Now, here we are, over two decades later, with “Tremors 5: Bloodlines” just released in October of this year, and we are still missing Bacon.

But, sulk no more, Bacon fans. News released that he will return to the “Tremors” franchise, and not only in his old role, but as executive producer as well, working with writer, Andrew Miller, Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions.
The “Tremors” TV series is about giant man-eating worms terrorizing people. Pretty simple plot, right?

Tremors: A Look in the Past:

“Tremors” (1990) – Here, we start in a small town in Nevada, where two repairmen (Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward) discover that their town is being overrun by giant worms.

“Tremors 2: Aftershock” (1992) – Now, we head to Mexico with Earl and Burt from “Tremors”. They team up with Kate to fight worms in another battle. However, Bacon has decided not to return.

“Tremors 3: Back to Perfection” (2001) – We return back to Perfection, Nevada, where it all began. Only, this time, not only is Bacon gone, but so is Ward. Burt (Michael Gross) is the only one left from the original crew. And, guess what he’s doing. He’s blowing up some more worms.

“Tremors 4: The Legend Begins” (2004) – Here we are in the Old West, and we are going back to the origins of Rejection Valley, where the town first discovered the giant, man-eating worms, AKA “dirt dragons”. What’s more? Looks like Gross is still hanging in there, but play a different role as Hiram Gummer.

“Tremors 5: Bloodlines” (2015) – Now, we come to the South African wildlife reserve, and Gross returns as his old character Burt Gummer. Sorry, folks. Still no Bacon or Ward.  But Jamie Kennedy joins in for the action.

After his big vacation from “Tremors” to work on other successful projects, such as “Flatliners”, “Stir of Echoes”, “Hollow Man”, “X-Men: First Class”, “Mystic River”, and “The Following”, Bacon will reprieve his old role as Valentine MacKee in a new “Tremors” television reboot of the original 1990 film. I, for one, am super stoked that Bacon is back.


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