Trust Me, Indie Film Seeks Funding

Trust me Crowdfunding Leslie O'Neill's Trust Me

Director: Nate Ruegger

Writer: Leslie O’Neill 

Crowdfunding Platform: Seed and Spark 

Release Format: TBA

Horror Sub-Genre: Supernatural 


A woman follows her boyfriend into the woods for a surprise only to find something far more sinister. Based on a witness account of The Goatman, TRUST ME is an atmospheric horror film featuring a new breed of “monster” who fuels our paranoia and forces us to ask: who, or what, can we trust?

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Overview Leslie O'Neill's Trust Me
Trust Me – The Writer Leslie O’Neill

Horror cinema is rich with accounts of urban legends and archaic lore. Whether it is the Boogeyman or Bloody Mary, these legends interpreted favorably on screen. A collective of independent filmmakers have set out to fabricate a terrifying construct.

The urban legend dubbed The Goatman serves as the antagonist of the film. Leslie O’Neill presents her screenwriting debut. O’Neill penned the screenplay to “Trust Me”, a film marketed as:

“….visceral fear to the silver screen – and to you….”

Except from The “Trust Me” Crowdfunding Campaign Page

What is The Goatman?

Many are the accounts of The Goatman. A quick search on the web will uncover links to literature and multimedia platform, Creepypasta. Artistic invention impersonates actual testimony. Purported witnesses depict The Goatman as a bipedal half-man, half goat creature. In fact, it’s appearance bears similarity to the traditional rendering of Lucifer. The creature lurks in the wooded outskirts of America, with locations diverse. The narrative may vary yet the terrifying antagonist remains the same. In “Trust Me” writer Leslie O’Neill aims at creating a new Horror icon with The Goatman.  

“Trust Me” assures in offering hallmarks of a profound Horror film. Nate Ruegger serves as director, translating O’Neill’s screenplay within a docu-thriller (perhaps found footage) aesthetic. This approach will maintain fundamental literature narrative toward a visual medium. The approach to production is evident in the summary. The statement reads as follows:

“….The Goatman as the next great horror villain with a frightening new vision: following an ordinary couple through the lens of documentary realism, we watch as they cross some unseen boundary between the real and the surreal….”

Except from The “Trust Me” Crowdfunding Campaign Page

Crowdfunding Campaign

This Hollywood-based indie production is not arriving in cinemas or video on demand. At least not yet. This is where you, the reader, the Horror cinephile come into the equation. “Trust me” currently seeks public financial support. hosts the crowdfunding program for this project.

To drive impression, the production team’s ethnicity and gender composition are spotlit. This ploy should offer little significance. Focus should be on the collective of creative talents behind the production. Alexandra Bayless (also known as Ali Bayless) and Luke Cook star in “Trust me”. Serving as producer is Darius Frye. Kelsey Talton offers years of film experience to serve as cinematographer.

The crowdfunding goal for O’Neill’s film is set at ten thousand dollars ($10,000). At press time, twenty-six days remain before the campaign finalizes. Seventy-five supporters have contributed three thousand eight hundred forty-five ($3,845) dollars.

“Trust Me” is an independent film. A production that will be introducing a refreshing concept to Horror cinema. Leslie O’Neill launches her venture in the genre. With the support of the community, O’Neill’s film may morph from script to screen.


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