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Earlier this week Decaymag.com received exclusive information and teaser poster (featured below) to the upcoming independent Horror anthology film,”Underneath” written & directed by John Nicol for Thinking Chrome Productions. Anthology films are an influential part of Horror cinema, a concept virtually originating from the early years of the genre. For those unfamiliar with the general concept of anthology films, here’s a brief explanation:

Anthology film: is a feature film consisting of several different short films, often tied together by only a single theme, premise, or brief interlocking event.

Decaymag.com proudly presents the first in a multi-part series coverage on this upcoming Independent Horror Anthology film “Underneath”

Official press kit to the Horror Anthology Film, “Underneath”

UNDERNEATH is a collaborative piece featuring five emerging directors, creating five distinctly different cinematic pieces all bound together by common themes of madness and ancient cruelty – think V/H/S meets CREEPSHOW with a supernatural flare.

The five shorts are directed by Andre Becker (THE LATE MOVIE: PUSSYFOOT), John Nicol (CHANNEL ZERO), Geoffrey Norris (PRESENCE), Chris Alexander (BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD, FEMALE WEREWOLF & the upcoming BLACK GLOVE KILLER starring Ogre of Skinny Puppy and Peter Murphy from The Hunger and Bauhaus) and newcomer Cory Ivanchuk who is taking on a script written by John Nicol.  All five tales are connected by a sinister wraparound tale called BREACH.

BREACH: Written & Directed by John Nicol

“An unstable individual is convinced that physical cracks in his basement floor are a possible breach into Hell itself…Additionally; he believes that he is in direct communication with demons and is quickly seduced by their influence.  As he progressively becomes poisoned, he begins to exhibit physical deformities and is in a state of mental decline…The truth however, is even more sinister!”

Following are synopses for the five titles in the order they will unfold:

  1. Episode #1: (UNA) Written by & Directed by Geoffrey Norris.
    Synopsis: “A young man who was born and raised in a remote rural setting believes that voices in the wilderness are calling for a return to an original state for humankind and he makes it his mission to force this dialogue upon those around him.”
  2. Episode #2: (UNFIXED) Written & Directed by Chris Alexander
    Synopsis: “A woman walks away from a shipwreck with no memory of who she is and no comprehension of where or when she is…”
  3. Episode #3: (CURIOSITY & CONVERSATIONS) Written by John Nicol & Directed by Cory Ivanchuk
    Synopsis: “An ancient demon is summoned by a group of paranormal psychology students as an experiment…little do they know, this Demon has plans of its own and wants to escape Hell no matter the cost…”
  4. Episode #4: (I CAN CHANGE) Written & Directed by Andre Becker
    Synopsis: “A deranged young man is convinced he can transform into a demonic creature…”
  5. Episode #5: (6 AM) Written & Directed by John Nicol
    Synopsis: “A family man is running out of the prescription medication that keeps his otherworldly visions at bay. Day by day, visions of murder and demonic possession take hold as Daniel quickly succumbs…

Stay tuned to Decaymag.com for follow up coverage on the upcoming Horror Anthology film, “Underneath”.

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