Undone with Clichés Indie Horror Film Aims Originality

Undone, Indie Film in Production 

The Horror genre is always in a state of flux. The genre is a tabula rasa, an open canvas ready for the next innovative creative artist. Frighting concepts no longer live in dormant dreams. Access to editing / effects programs and equipment sets obtainable goal for filmmakers.  A dedicated cast / crew and adequate financial backing allow the next Horror concept to the forefront.

Indie filmmakers are strategists, taking the next step in Horror film development. Many are seeking to stray away from the norm. What’s accepted by today’s casual Horror audiences is a travesty to the genre. Clichés, poorly developed characters and shaky camerawork seems to be the norm.  These unsatisfactory film making elements are coupled with MPAA’s ghastly PG-13 branding. The constant wave of remakes and reboots also contribute to the systematic decline of Horror.

This leads us to the topic, the next indie film set to change the Horror genre landscape.

Introducing “The Undone”

DecayMag.com Chris Luciano 's "The Undone"The indie Horror market is rich with upcoming talent. The following section to this article sheds light on a unique Horror production in the works. The film is; “The Undone” and right now a crowdfunding campaign is set up to bring this vision into fruition. Oscar Robles, co-writer and director of photography to the film contacted DecayMag.com earlier this week. It’s always a pleasure to receive news of up and coming projects in our inbox. Our interests are further piqued with filmmakers aiming to steer Horror unto uncharted territories.

“The Undone” is transgressing through the early stages of production. Chris Luciano is set to direct the psychological horror film.  Luciano  promises to offer an experience unlike previous released Horror mediums, he states:

“….As the Director, you have my word that while watching The Undone, you will never feel safe, comfortable, or at ease. You will be immersed into the story and feel your heart beating fast with Sarah or your mind racing with Stanley….”

“The Undone” centers on protagonists Stanley and Sarah. They’re a young couple with a marriage under turmoil. Stanley is a novelist who travels to a remote cabin to work on his second book. His wife, Sarah in hopes of repairing their marriage ventures along on the trip. A series of strange events is set to greet the couple.

The production team are seeking public support via Kickstarter to fund the project. The goal is set for sixteen thousand dollars. As of the 21st of April 2016, the campaign collected close to six thousand dollars. Twenty three days remain before the campaign ends. “The Undone” is set to begin principal photography summer 2016.

Chris Luciano describes “The Undone” as follows:

“The Undone has it’s terrifying moments, but that’s not only what it brings to the table. The relationships explored in the film are not romanticized or made unrealistic. In fact, they are the opposite. It is grounded in reality; It is showing the truth, that settling with someone who you don’t love and who doesn’t love you back, is equally as terrifying as seeing something paranormal.”

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