“Unfinished Business” crowdfunding..

“Unfinished Business” is a Horror/Mystery independent film project from the creative forces of Cinematographer Jay Burleson and Writer Jamie Grefe.  In order to make their collaborative feature a reality the duo have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark to raise $12,000 for production costs.

The synopsis to the film, “Unfinished Business”  is as follows:

Reeling after her grandmother succumbs to a long battle with cancer, 22-year-old Bailey Wallace has her life thrown into even more disarray when she begins to suspect that the home she shared with her grandmother may be haunted by a ghost lurking deep in the basement.
Left alone in the house when her parents go out of town, Bailey notices the ghostly activity increase, and finds herself being haunted not only by the house, but by fragments of her childhood that stab at her in quick bursts, slowly reminding her of a terrible event that happened in the basement, something that she’s blocked out for years: the death of her older sister, at the hands of a man Bailey barely remembers, her own grandfather.
As the haunting and her own mind start to spiral out of control, Bailey must face what her grandfather did, and also realize that her grandfather’s ghost may have returned to the house with the intention of finishing some horrible business that he started many years ago.

As of the time of this writing Jay Burleson and Jamie Grefe need to raise $4,926 in order to achieve 80% of their intended goal for the film, “Unfinished Business”. Two events are scheduled to assist with their crowdfunding campaign.
  1. A raffle will be set up at The Comic Shop in Decatur, AL with proceeds going toward campaign goal. The event takes place on Friday the 2nd of October and Saturday the 3rd of October 2015.
  2. On Sunday the 4th of October 2015 Jay Burleson and Jamie Grefe will screen the film “Anathema Arienette” at Prototype Multimedia at Lowe Mill. Ticket prices are $5 with proceeds going  toward the “Unfinished Business” Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign.

To assist with the crowdfunding for the Horror film “Unfinished Business” campaign visit Seed & Spark. 


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