Valley of Ditches: Thriller Premier Screening This Weekend

Valley of Ditches: Christopher James Lang’s Crime, Drama, Horror

Title: Valley of Ditches

Director: Christopher James Lang

Writer: Christopher James Lang, Amanda Todisco


“Valley of Ditches”, Christopher Lang’s new Crime, Drama, Horror, is definitely a chilling film to look forward to. The trailer, itself, is pretty chilling. The details:

“A young woman bound in a parked car watches her captor dig a grave in the desert ground. The bloody, lifeless body of her boyfriend lies framed in the rear view mirror, a fate she will fight at all costs to avoid. It’s the beginning of a brutal struggle that will destroy the person she used to be, leaving something much darker. Something… dangerous. ” Christopher James Lang's "Valley Of Ditches"This synopsis, of course, poses some questions. A lot of questions. At least for me, anyway.  I don’t recall seeing this scenario played out in films too often. More-so, not many trailers are so bland and mysterious, where more information is given in the synopsis than the actual trailer. Maybe this technique of mystique was fully intended by director Christopher Lang.

The last trailer I saw that took this minimal, mysterious approach was John Waters’ “Pink Flamingos”, and it wasn’t much of a trailer at all.  At least, not one that actually describes the movie. But, that further intensifies the mystery of the film itself. Needless to say, after two hours of reading reviews for the film, I finally decided to watch it. Yes, I am glad I did. Yes, my curiosity was satisfied. Yes, “Pink Flamingos” is everything you will read in the reviews. However, don’t judge it until you’ve watched it for yourself.

What the synopsis and trailer to “Valley of Ditches” poses are questions and speculations that can seem to run wild of curiosity:

“Why is her boyfriend dead?” “What led up to this startling discovery?”

“What struggle is she fighting?” “Who is this “person” that she used to be?”

The plot thickens. And, it’s only the beginning. As a matter of that the film hasn’t even started. Literally…

“Valley of Ditches” is screening this weekend, on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at TLC Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, CA.




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