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Van Helsing graced the big screen In 2004, with Hugh Jackman starring as the renowned vampire-hunter based off of Bram Stoker’s classic novel; Dracula. The film, a cornucopia of digital special effects had “Van Helsing” hunting not only his arch-nemesis Dracula but other literature monsters such as Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. The film earned mixed reviews but mostly leaning towards harsh criticism. In fact, “Van Helsing” garnered a meta score rating of  35 out of 100 on In addition, reviews vary on the film but draw your conclusions with some honest insight featured at

Screenwriters Jon Spaihts and Eric Heisserer will be writing collaboratively on the script to the “Van Helsing” reboot. No further production details are available on the “Van Helsing” reboot. The question remains, why is “Van Helsing” getting a reboot after its lackluster reception?

Classic Movie Monsters Modernization

Since reboots are the creative norm in Hollywood Universal Studios too is joining in the bandwagon by not only revitalizing but interconnecting the classic movie franchises. Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan will serve as producers to the multi-film multi-year project that includes; Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein and The mummy. The “Van Helsing” reboot will be part of the elaborate project by Universal Studios in modernizing its classic movie monsters franchises, yet its unclear how “Van Helsing” will fall into the overall story line.

News has already surfaced that “The Mummy” reboot is in development and the titular character will be cast as a female as opposed to the traditional male embodiment. You can read further coverage on our article feature; The Mummy Reboot Recasts Gender. Set for a 2017 release, “The Mummy” will be the first in line for the slated reboot of the classic movie monster universe.

Noah Hawley, Aaron Guzikowski and Ed Solomon are also slated to work on the modernization of the classic monster universe.

What is your opinion on the “Van Helsing” and classic monster reboot?


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    • The plot was very entertaining but the heavy dose of CGI really disappointed most. Stay tuned another Classic Movie monsters cross over is in the works.


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