Verano Rojo, Latino Slasher Film Seeks Funding

Verano Rojo is a testament of what passion and dedication can accomplish. The film is a construct formed by a collective of aspiring film actors and students. Financials were scarce yet filming was completed within forty days. The drive to set out and create a gore filled Slasher film was accomplished. The production team behind “Verano Rojo” expressed their commitment to the film with the following:

“ un largometraje low cost de Terror del subgénero “Slasher”. Con esta película queríamos hacer nuestra aportación y nuestro homenaje a este subgénero por el que sentimos tanta pasión.”

Lose translation: “Verano Rojo” is a low budget full feature Slasher film. With this film we wanted to pay homage to this Horror subgenre. This is a field of cinema we reflect a strong passion towards.

There’s more work to be done to transition the project from concept to visual medium. Before delving into the specific on the crowdfunding campaign let’s explore the concept.

Latino Slasher Horror Film In Development

Carlos Jofre penned, directed “Verano Rojo”and is the creative visionary behind this Latino-driven production. Contributions in Horror Cinema from Latin based origin has seen an increase over the past decade. Notable films have surfaced bringing forth a new stylized creativity from Latin producers and directors.  “Verano Rojo” is not a run-of-the-mill low budget indie film. This is not a film school project amateurish in quality. The film will represent a Latino influenced Horror cinematic experience.

The  synopsis to “Verano Rojo” reads as follows:

“La película cuenta la historia de cuatro jóvenes que llegan a Mallorca para disfrutar de unas vacaciones de verano idílicas. En busca de sol, playa, diversión irán adentrándose en los parajes más inhóspitos de la isla y de este modo iniciarán un viaje infernal.”

“Four young people come to Mallorca to enjoy idyllic summer holidays, but delving into the most inhospitable places on the island will begin a hellish journey.”

The production team will use a formula of success found within popular Slasher films. The film will mirror attributes such as a masked psychopathic killer and a final girl. Also, there’ll be plenty of victims massacred for audience’s disgusted delight.  The production does not re-envision. Instead it presents itself as a concept throwback Horror connoisseurs have enjoyed for years.

Crowdfund “Verano Rojo”

El dinero colectado serán distribuidos en diferentes categorías dé la postproducción. La película “Verano Rojo” yá está completa.  Solo tiene qué hacer algún otro requerimientos.  Por ejemplo:  efectos digitales, efecto visuales y anadil música. Su donaciones son apreciadas. Solo Faltan siete dias para colectar fundos. 

The crowdfunding campaign nears completion. To donate access the site in Spanish or in English. Funds will divide into various post production vitals. While the filming is complete there is more left to finish within the aesthetic. Show your support by contributing to these aspiring Latino Horror filmmakers.

The following is a brief summary to areas funds will aim for:

  • Recording BSO (Orchestra)
  • Sound Mixing.
  • Digital effects (VFX).
  • Color Grading.
  • Copies DCP.




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