Volumes of Blood: Production Seeks Funding

Volumes of Blood: Crowdfunding Campaign

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories – Blood Drive

Producer: P.J. Starks

Directors: P.J. Starks, Jakob Bilinski, Nathan Thomas Miliner, John Kenneth Muir , Lee Vervoort 

Writer: P.J. Starks, Nathan Thomas Miiner, Todd Martin 

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Director P.J. Starks and the production team behind “Volumes of Blood” are setting the stage for the sequel, “Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories – Blood Drive”, and is seeking support through their “Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories – Blood Drive” crowdfunding campaign 

“Volumes of Blood” is a new horror anthology from Verite Cinema and the creators of the Unscripted Film School. It features five tales of dread from five independent horror directors. It was released in March of 2015, and was beyond successful.

“Volumes of Blood” (2015) Synopsis

A sociology student gathers several friends at the local library on Halloween night to help him create a new urban legend with deadly consequences.

Lily is in for a late night of researching and needs something to keep her going. It isn’t until she’s approached by a stranger that her luck may change – for the worse.

A typical night of work for a librarian becomes a classic ghost story with a modern twist. Sometimes you can’t keep a bad book down.

Sidney is allowed to stay after hours to study for a test. It’s not until she awakens in the darkened library that she realizes the truth of what lurks among the books after midnight. She better pray she doesn’t become the prey.

Paige faces regrets that she’d do anything to take back. When an ancient and arcane spell book falls into her lap, she decides to make a grave decision. Be careful what you wish for, it might just kill you.

Crowdfunding Campaign

The production team behind “Volumes of Blood” are asking for your help to meet the goal of production costs. The crowdfunding goal is $10,000 upon which $1,010 was raised. They have a month left to raise the total goal before they move on to the next phase, which is moving forward with the production. All of the money that is donated will be used on the FX budget, which includes the FX materials needed to produce the onscreen kills that are necessary to the plot. The funds will also be dispersed into the production of the movie as a whole. They are rewarding different incentives for people who support the project.

There are currently two team members on board this crowdfunding campaign. P.J. Starks is the producer and Eric Huskisson the campaigner.

For those of you who can’t afford to contribute financially, there are other ways you can support. Simply share the campaign and help get the word out. You can find the campaign on the following outlets:






DecayMag.com Volumes of Blood




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