We are Happy Few Gold Circle Films and DJ2 Entertainment to Produce Film Adaptation

We Are Happy Few Details


In an eerie English town set in an alternate 1960s, the government has imposed a drug-induced happiness to mask violence and conceal a mystery. A rebellious resident illegally free of the drug Joy, risks his life to learn what is going on.

We Happy Few will have a film adaptation. The project was just announced only and production has yet to begin. Serving as producers for the film adaptation to We Happy Few  are:

• Paul Brooks from Gold Circle Films
• Dmitri M. Johnson and Dan Jevons from DJ2 Entertainment
• Stephan Bugaj will serve as Executive Producer.

As of today, not much information is available on the film itself. Stay tuned for updates.

We Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial. Set in a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England, you’ll have to blend in with its other inhabitants, who have their own set of not-so-normal rules.

We Happy Few is a single player Sci-Fi, Thriller videogame. Guillaume Provost directed and Alex Epstein and Lisa Hunter

Compulsion Games developed and published We are Happy Few. Since the early access release, the game has received exceptional feedback. An official release date has not ben released.

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The Latest

Game update: Maidenholm

Compulsion Games has introduced The second major content update to We Happy Few It adds a brand new island and several requested features such as the ability to choose between different types of playstyles

Players can now select from the Birdwatcher, Downer, or Vigilante playstyles to adjust the game’s difficulty and even remove the survival mechanics in the case of Birdwatcher
Additional improvements include multiple save slots, new encounters, procedural music implementation, and support for distinct regions within the Garden District.

The Maidenholm Update is now live on PC (Steam and GOG). Soon to come to XBox One.

DecayMag.com We Are Happy Few

Todd McFarlane Toy Action Figure Line

We Happy Few will also have merchandise coming soon. Striker Entertainment will be the worldwide licensing agency. McFarlane action figures and construction sets are in the works. Gold Label for print-on-demand soft goods.

We Happy Few sounds like a very intriguing concept. The Maindenholm update video shows as a dark whimsical world. Even the official gameplay trailer starts out a little intense.

I think the gameplay is enticing, and the film adaptation should be done in the same form. Animation and all. I think it would capture the essence of the whole concept, rather than make it a live action film.

Also, more filmmakers are turning the spotlight towards animated films. Using FX effects rather than CGI, this is a great time to explore and expand video games even more. On the same token, We Happy Few looks like it will go great both ways, as the graphics look amazing as they are. CGI might even enhance the film.


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