When It Rings In Development, Manifests 2018

When It Rings Film Details

Directors: Ty Haisten, David Rivers

Writers: Ty Haisten, David Rivers

Release Date: TBA, 2018

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: TBA


Ten years ago, when they were kids, Zach’s sister drowned in their backyard pool. Following that tragedy, his mom became too unstable to take care of him and Zach moved out with his dad to live. Now, after years of coping, Zach returns to the house with his father, to sell it. While going through his things, Zach finds the old toy phone he thought was long gone. After it begins ringing, Zach must decide whether to answer it, and open up old wounds, or get rid of it, and the only connection to his dead sister, forever. What he decides will make him question, not only his own reality, but the circumstances behind his sister’s death.


When It Rings from Ty Haisten and David Rivers, of Trick Shot Media Group, began filming on July 23, 2017. The Thriller is produced by Tyrone Tann. A release is slated for early in 2018.

The cast

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“I love the direction that Ty Haisten, David Rivers and Tyrone Tann’s, the producers of the film are taking. I am amazed at the talent of this 21-year-old Gonzalo Martin’s acting abilities; he is phenomenal…”

“There is a kitchen sink drama element that I love about this movie.”

Sally Kirkland, Actress, Golden Globe winner

“I’m always eager to take on new and challenging characters. I think playing Zach Garland is a great role. Playing opposite of the talented Sally Kirkland is a once in a lifetime opportunity…”

Gonzalo Martin, Actor; When It Rings

“When It Rings is a unique project. We are blessed to have a talented cast and production team that is needed to make this a successful film…”

Tyrone Tann, Producer; When It Rings

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The Latest

When It Rings takes inspired by Chatter, an original short by Haisten and Rivers. The film is on the Trick Shot Media Group Nerd Rush YouTube Page. Chatter was a joint production between the FILM 110 class at Orange Coast College.

CHATTER follows the story of an only-child in a broken home who finds solace in an imaginary friendship through an old toy phone. What starts out as innocent fun, takes a turn for the worse when that “imaginary” friend starts tormenting the rest of the family.

Chatter follows a young woman taunted by a phone. When she notices it isn’t the home phone that is playing tricks on her, rather it’s a toy phone, she becomes terrified when unexplained events happen. Yet, the film doesn’t show as much as the synopsis suggests.

In just 2 minutes and thirty-five seconds filming time, the film lacks the backstory essentials here and jumps right into the main story. The viewer doesn’t see that the young woman is in a broken home, nor that she establishes this imaginary friendship through the toy phone. In fact, events progress little. The nightmare only just begins, and the production ends.

Chatter, A Short Film

The When It Rings synopsis appears to take place when the main character, Zach (portrayed by Gonzalo Martin), is younger and then fast forwards to the Present Day. This could also take the form of a flashback or a dream Zach has of this, ill time in his life.

If all we have to go on right now is Chatter, I speculate the film to be heavy in Supernatural themes. The synopsis for When It Rings calls for a fateful time when Zach lost his sister in a pool drowning incident. Also, that the only channel of contact he has to her is the toy phone. This, right here, is a big clue to what path the feature film will take.



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