Witch U.S. Promo Screening Tour with Religious Subtext

Witch, the. Promo Screening Details

The much anticipated supernatural horror film will embark on a four city screening tour. “The Witch” serves as both the directorial and horror debut by Robert Eggers. “The Witch” releases theatrical Nationwide on Friday, February 19th, 2016.  A limited four city movie screening engagement will begin Wednesday, February 10th 2016. “The Witch” screening tour will launch in New York City and conclude in Detroit. Stops also include Los Angeles and Texas.

Screening tours are nothing new. Movie studios often hold events as a promotional strategy to bolster ticket sales. Interactive experiences, celebrity appearances and giveaways are also offered in conjunction to these campaigns.

The promotional screening tour for “The Witch” is different and deters from the norm. The Satanic temple will launch “The Witch” screening tour with the goal to furnish:

…interactive performances and ritualized pronouncements of a “new Satanic era.”

“The Witch” screening tour will have a religious agenda associated with it. The Satanic Temple are using the event as vehicle for their organization. The intent is to foster new membership, provide awareness to their beliefs and organization.

According to the press release received this morning.

The four-part tour of interactive performances, entitled ‘The Sabbat Cycle,’ mirror the phases of “becoming” in the personal road to Satanism. The cycle begins with the theme of ‘Awakening’ to the primal self, followed by the ‘Rebellion’ of oppressive traditions, a ‘Convocation’ of the Satanic coalition and, finally, an ‘Ascension.’ The tour will end in Detroit at the end of the month.

In fact Robert Eggers‘ “The Witch” received official approval by The Satanic Temple. Jex Blackmore, National Spokesperson for The Satanic Temple issued the following statement:

“We are empowered by the narrative of The Witch: a story of pathological pride, old-world religious paradigms, and an outsider who grabs persecution by the horns.”

The press release goes on to provide interesting details behind “The Witch” promotional screening tour. The following is an except from the issued press release:

..This film, TST is confident, will signal the call-to-arms for a Satanic uprising against the tyrannical vestiges of bigoted superstitions, and will harken a new era of liberation and unfettered inquiry.

A link to “The Witch” screening tour leads guests to The Satanic Temple Official website. Upon entering, visitors can

…officially registering themselves into “The Book of Satan…join and/or support their high-profile campaigns”

“The Witch” Film description reads as follows:

Set in 17th century Puritan New England, the film “departs from the victim narrative” of witchcraft and stands as a “declaration of feminine independence.” Blackmore explains, “We are empowered by the narrative of The Witch: a story of pathological pride, old-world religious paradigms, and an outsider who grabs persecution by the horns.”

“The Witch” movie screening tour date are as follows:

  • NYC SPECIAL SCREENING + EVENT “Awaken”  DATE: Wednesday, February 10
  • LA SPECIAL SCREENING + EVENT “Rebel”  DATE: Friday, February 12

About The Satanic Temple
The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense and justice, and be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will. Civic-minded, The Satanic Temple has been involved in a number of good works including taking a stand against the controversial and extremist Westboro Baptist Church. For more information about The Satanic Temple

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