Witchula, Offers New Cross Over Concept

Witchula may sound like a weird horror themed breakfast cereal but I assure you its not the case. The title is for an upcoming indie Horror, Thriller film by MAB Studios. Written by Marcus Bradford and Pat Kusnadi, “Witchula” hopes to garner interest among with a unique premise. The film is being marketed as a first in  creating a vampire and witch hybrid character.  The execution is certainly a first of its kind, and truly piques our interest. With Hollywood dwindling in concepts, Marcus Bradford and Pat Kusnadi offer creativity that makes the indie horror circuit an enjoyable experience.

The Official Synopsis to “Witchula” is as follows:

A pregnant, young college woman learns that a powerful witch-vampire “hybrid” seeks to take her unborn child; she and her boyfriend must risk their lives in an effort to kill this witch-vampire and save their unborn baby.

According to IMDB “Witchula” is scheduled for release on October 31st 2017. That’s a long ways away but certainly gives something to look forward to for Halloween 2017. In the meantime, DecayMag.com will be posting news on this unique indie horror film as it develops. Stay Tuned!

Below is the Official “Witchula” Press Release.

“Witchula” Press Release:

  • Marcus Bradford has announced that his production company, MAB Studios’, new project, Witchula, has begun development. Bradford and fellow writer/producer Pat Kusnadi (The Id, The Ringing, Because We Care) have created a script that combines several sub-genres into a project that is sure to delight horror fans. Witches, werewolves, vampires, and more will be featured, with the title character, Witchula, being the first witch-vampire hybrid ever to hit the big screen. Other producers attached to the project include horror veterans Matt Chassin (Krampus the Christmas Devil, Seeking Valentina) and John Blythe (My Amityville Horror, One Day When the Rains Fell).
  • For his part, Bradford says Witchula has been a labor of love, “It’s been a little over 13 years (May 25, 2002) since the very first draft of Witchula was written. Conceived by a very unique ‘working title’ and a small idea/concept of how Witchula became to being from my father, Clifton Bradford… I was able to put something special together within a matter of a couple weeks.” Now here, all these years later, Marcus is about to see his labor transform from the paper to the camera to the screen.
  • Bradford, who is also set to direct, has tapped horror icon Maria Olsen (Lords of Salem, “American Horror Story”) as the title character. Olsen, who boasts over 200 credits, is well known to horror fans, not just for her diverse roles but as a staple at horror conventions as well.
  • “Scream king” Bill Oberst Jr. (“Criminal Minds”) is also set to star. Oberst, the star of the Emmy-winning film “Take this Lollipop,” is also one of the most familiar faces in the independent horror world and is the proud recipient of twelve acting awards, including the coveted Lon Cheney Award for excellence in horror from the FANtastic Horror Film Festival. Oberst said he is “proud and excited to be associated with such a groundbreaking film.”
  • Rounding out the preliminary cast members are Eileen Dietz and Marilyn Ghigliotti. Dietz, another horror staple, is best known for her portrayal of the demon in the classic film The Exorcist. Ghigliotti is also an icon, but not in the horror world: Marilyn is best known as Veronica, the estranged girlfriend in Kevin Smith’s Clerks. In recent years Ghigliotti has made her mark in independent sci-fi and horror as well, starring in films like Alien Armageddon, Starship Rising, and the soon-to-be-released Rogue Warrior.
  • Bradford says he is far from finished casting, and he plans to make Witchula “The Expendables of horror.” He is also not done finding crew and production partners. As of yet, there are no exact dates set for production, but Bradford promises to begin shooting sometime in mid to late 2016. Until then, there will be many more exciting announcements from production. For his part, Marcus Bradford remains humble and optimistic, “I’d like to say thank you to those who’ve followed us throughout the last year and a half. My dedicated team and I promise to give you all an awesome, character-driven, scary-suspenseful, and enjoyable film you’ll never forget!”


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