Wrong Floor,The.  British Grindhouse…

Decaymag.com The Wrong FloorWrong Floor, The. upcoming Grindhouse Horror film directed by co-written by Marc Hamill with Carl Hamill working collaboratively as script editor. The British-based production is an indie film with a focus on Action, Sci-fi, Mobsploitation, Adventure, Horror and tongue in cheek comedy. Funding for The Wrong Floor was sought on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, a campaign that has since ended on the 31st of October 2015.

Promotion through various Horror news sources coupled with the unique premise of the film helped garner Over Three thousand dollars in contributions, sixty six percent of their intended goal. Funds obtained through the crowdfunding campaign would go toward post-production aspects of the film, including; color correction & color grading, sound effects/design, marketing, and video effects. 

Based on the Trailer (provided below) the film offers a menagerie of  visual aesthetics,  over the top violence and Horror, collectively paying homage to the Grindhouse genre. The poster to the film, The Wrong Floor The Wrong Floor designed by The Dude Designs offers throwback eye candy and encompasses the mayhem of The Wrong Floor.

The Wrong Floor sars Carl Hamill, Heather Percival, Shane Buckley, Ron Hamill, David Hardware, M.J. Simpson, Christopher Postlethwaite, Tom Robinson, and Marc Hamill.

The Synopsis to the film reads as follows:

Danny’s father, a pioneering research scientist, has disappeared. Suspecting foul-play, Danny goes undercover at the research centre where he worked. He soon discovers that there is something sinister at work. It becomes a race against time to save himself, his father and the entire planet!

What stands in his way? Gangsters, toxic hobos, shady agents, clown killers, badly dressed desperado chavs, a renegade swat team, street thugs, mad scientists, a news reporter out for blood, a town full of hatred and monster with a taste for dismemberment. Welcome to Haven Port City – It’s wrong on so many levels.

Theatrical and/or film festival release information has yet to be announced. In the meantime all immediate details on this film  are obtainable via their dedicated page on social media platform; Facebook and on Twitter.


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