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Wyrmwood Chronicles of the Dead Series Details

Director:DecayMag.com Kiah Roache-TurnerWymwood Chronicles of the Dead

Kiah Roache-Turner


Kiah Roache-Turner

Tristan Roache-Turner

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: Television series

Genre: Horror

Running Time: TBD

Synopsis: TBD


Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead released in 2015. It seems as if it occurred yesterday, this Australian-based zombie film reaching independent Horror markets. Much may not know of the strive that went into creating this ambitious project. Wyrmwood is a major representative of accomplished filmmaking with minimal resources. With determination and several modifications, The Roache-Turner brothers transformed a dream into achievement. They are living testaments and an inspiration. Invest small and think big!

The Roache-Turner brothers didn’t settle for creating another zombie-themed film. They aspired to revive an exhausted genre. Presented is a perspective evocative of the post-apocalyptic world according to George Miller.  Another added plot variation are the zombies. The undead serves a purpose as an energy source. Mentos anyone?

A horror film is not complete without the heroine. Bianca Bradey suited the part with precision. Yet, the Wyrmwood story begins and revolves around Jay Gallagher‘s character; Barry. The protagonist resonates with audiences. It’s the common man turned survivalist that contribute to this figure’s influence.

“Our film’s made in a backyard. Literally. I think that appeals to people – the idea that you’ve got this tiny little film, dealing with similar themes, that was shot on a very low budget in Australia.”

Kiah Roache-Turner Co-Writer Director Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Excerpt The Sydney Morning Herald June 15, 2013

DecayMag.com Kiah Roache-TurnerWymwood Chronicles of the Dead

“We’ve been making this for four years and so if I have to do another close up on a zombie I might have to kill myself, but the sequel is huge. ”

“….We’ve got Brooke telekinetically controlling hordes of zombies to fight the evil soldiers in the middle of the desert. It’s really cool, but we probably won’t get there for a couple of years….”

Kiah Roache-Turner Co-Writer Director Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Excerpt Wicked Horror Interview February 13, 2015 

Fast-forward to the present. Although not a sequel, Kiah Roache-Turner did unveil his expansion to the Wyrmwood storyline. Released Yesterday was a six-minute teaser for the upcoming television series Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead. The video was posted on Empire Magazine Australasia FaceBook Page

DecayMag.com Kiah Roache-TurnerWymwood Chronicles of the Dead

First Impressions

The captivating visuals had every hallmark from the film. Untapped blood and violence emanated from frame to frame. Awe-struck sums our reaction. Raw and relentless sequences are among the production highlights. From the beginning, the segment seized concentration. Although the material serves as a promotional lure, the footage expresses itself as a film short. Director Kiah Roache-Turner told a story, a visual context that involved setting, characters, and narrative.

The highlight centers on the stunt team and fight choreographer. A combat intensive scene heightened this featurette. The fight choreography between prisoner and aggressor possessed realism. This illusion is a rarity to discover in indie films. Proper stances and the committed strikes are factors that contributed to the significant believability.

DecayMag.com Kiah Roache-TurnerWymwood Chronicles of the Dead

The set-design are remarkable works of artwork. A grotesque essence resides in the environmental craftsmanship. In fact, there is a hidden easter egg, astute viewers will notice the tribute to George Romero‘s franchise. Every attention to detail went into consideration to establish a conscious atmosphere. It is not likely this set is in someone’s backyard.

The practical effects as with the introductory film are of high caliber. A small budget production this is not. The protagonist’s escape technique, however, is questionable. The last film to communicate intense one legged combat was with Adam Sandler‘s 2008.


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