Zombie + Crocodile = Zombie Croc

Zombie Croc

Horror concepts keep getting weirder and weirder and its a combination of  raising the creativity bar  and venturing into uncharted creative territory. “Zombie Croc” is the latest entry to the zombie genre..sort of. The trailer to the horror film, “Zombi Croc” was released last week (ending the 23rd of October 2015). The film is the latest vision of horror comedy from the creative mind of Robert Elkins. Below are still for the film “Zombie Croc” and the must see trailer.

Official Information is yet not available on IMDB.

“Zombie Croc”  stars Robert Elkins, Brittney Scalf, Apryl Crowell, Crystal Howell, Tony Jones, Lafnmn Jones, Ken Peebles, Dewey Brandon Collins, Vivian Thompson, Linda Witt, David Witt, Jerry Eugene Long, and Alyssa Wheaton.

For more information and/or to follow up to the minute production news on “Zombie Croc” head on over to the official Facebook Page.


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