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Aesthetic Perfection A Violent Emotion At NYC -Event Review

Aesthetic Perfection Rocks Halloween Weekend NYC Aesthetic Perfection Event Details  Artist Aesthetic Perfection Venue: Blackthorne 51 Location: Elmhurst, NY, US Date: October 28th, 2016 Overview: Aesthetic Perfection is the music project brainchild of Daniel Graves. Branding Graves' music as Industrial, EBM (Electronic Body Music) or something else is irrelevant. One thing...

Darkness Visible; Sadomasochism, Horror Awaits in Breaking Point Music Video

DecayMAG.COM Darkness Visible Breaking Point
Darkness Visible To Unleash Mayhem and Melody in Upcoming Video Darkness Visible are veterans of the Gothic Rock scene. The Australia-based band has produced music since 1994. Over twenty years later and Darkness Visible don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. Darkness Visible will be releasing their...

HexHeart Stirs Nostalgia With Darkwave Debut

DecayMag.com Jasyn Bangert Andrew Pearson Patrick Hogan HexHeart
HexHeart Debut Album A Tribute to Retro Darkwave HexHeart: Midnight on a Moonless Night Opens New Sound Platform for Frontman Jasyn Bangert. Overview Jasyn Bangert, vocalist, composer has a distinguished achievement with his work on God Module. Bangert not only served vocals, but also operated programming, and lyrics. God...