Aesthetic Perfection Rocks Halloween Weekend NYC

Aesthetic Perfection Event Details 

Artist Aesthetic Perfection
Venue: Blackthorne 51
Location: Elmhurst, NY, US
Date: October 28th, 2016


Aesthetic Perfection is the music project brainchild of Daniel Graves. Branding Graves’ music as Industrial, EBM (Electronic Body Music) or something else is irrelevant. One thing is certain, Daniel Graves is a long-standing pioneer in the indie electronic music. For over ten years Graves provided a distinct approach to the underground music scene.

In 2005 Aesthetic Perfection released Close to Human in the U.S. via Bractune Records. The album issued via Out of Line in Germany. Close to Human, is a compilation of harsh vocals layered over synthetic rhythmic beats. Yet, “Relapse” and “Sacrifice” soothes the listener with a tranquil approach. Tracks such as “I Belong To You” and “Surface” and “Fix” would become club anthems. Industrial themed nightclubs would soon know the sounds of Aesthetic Perfection.

In 2008 A Violent Emotion released via Bractune Records. Graves once again introduced his trademark vocals this time over dance-oriented soundscapes. The majority of the album contains a heavy dose of angst and sentiment. Lyrics from “Schadenfreude” reads as follows;

I can’t give you what you need but I can give you what you want,
And when you hate the things you love then learn to love the things
That you hate.

“The Great Depression” delivers the following mantra within the opening seconds of the song;

Hey you mother fucking son of a bitch,
How dare you speak about it like you know,
Without strife or strain,
Each leg keeps moving,
Always deviating from the path.

Daniel Graves infuses humor, seriousness and an uncanny formula of romanticism within each album. New releases are in the works and according to Graves it will be under a collaborative with other with musicians.

Aesthetic Perfection finalized its tour in New York City. Blackthorne 51 served as the host venue. Ken Artuz and Enid Artuz of DecayMag were on hand for this event. Below is our exclusive review on the concert.

Tune into our Exclusive Interview with Daniel Graves 


Concert Review:

DecayMag Aesthetic Perfection NYCBlackthorne 51 was a journey from our headquarters. On the frigid October evening, the trek resembled an excursion up Everest. The venue mirrors a fictitious scene out of an episode of Sons of Anarchy. The name of the venue was prominent in white lettering across a black awning. Skull and crossbones adorned the tinted windows to the building.

Housed within Blackthorne 51 is an ample sized stage and dance-floor. Patrons lingered across the bar running across the side of the room. Attendees numbered in the lower hundreds.

Upon our arrival, local Industrial band Xentrifuge approached the latter part to their performance. The local band served as the opening act for Aesthetic Perfection.

Chris X on vocals Xentrifuge’s vocalist warmed up the crowd as he recited distorted poetry. Lisa Hellen worked her magic on the synthesizer, triggering heavy electronic soundscapes on cue. Unfortunately, we had missed most of their performance. Our interview with Graves overlapped most of Xentrifuge’s onstage production.


DecayMag Aesthetic Perfection NYC
Photo: Enid Artuz

Aesthetic Perfection took to the stage at the stroke of midnight. A live percussionist joined Graves on stage. Layered audio played off of from a nearby laptop. This is a typical set-up for many musicians in the Industrial scene. Aesthetic Perfection’s vocals roared across the room triggering a chorus from the audience.


Graves delivered an intimate performance. A connection between the musician and listeners was evident. Most attendees were drawn close to the stage. A little too close in fact, with a male patron seen licking Grave’s pants. The disturbed young person got removed shortly thereafter from his wild antics.

Tracks such as  “Antibodies” and “Big Bad Wolf” blared from the speakers. Aesthetic Perfection’s performance was reminiscent of a scene that once graced the nightlife. The early days of Albion/The Batcave featured many now legendary music icons. Grave’ performance at Blackthorne 51 awarded some great memories. With the performance itself being one memorable experience.



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