Shawn James’ Through The Valley, Trends on Spotify

Shawn James’ Through The Valley Details Shawn James, Spotify. Through The Valley.

Composer: Shawn James

Director: Neil Druckmann

Writer: Neil Druckmann, Halley Wegryn Gross

Release Date: October 27, 2015


“Through The Valley” has climbed the charts on Spotify. It topped the “Most Viral” Chart. The song is originally composed by Shawn James. You can hear the song being played and sang by Ellie, an animated character from The Last of Us 2, in the official trailer.

“I think Neil Druckmann at Naughty Dog chose this song perfectly for the storyline and the intensity of the The Last of Us series.”

Shawn James

I have to agree. The original “Through The Valley” song is very deep and thought-provoking. James’ voice strikes a chord. Hearing Ellie perform the song in The Last of Us 2 trailer, you can sense the profound moment that brings this song to life.

And, although it’s a brief clip, it’s a very emotional clip. Ellie plays the guitar with a subtle approach. The harmony and her voice strike a sentimental chord as well.

The Last of Us is a survival Horror video game created and directed by Neil Druckmann. The story is summed as follows:

Twenty years after a fungal infection obliterated most of the U.S. population and turned the victims into infected monstrosities, Joel is tasked with escorting Ellie to the Fireflies to help reverse engineer a cure.

However, this isn’t easy for either of them, since Joel has been left almost permanently bitter after the death of his daughter, and Ellie is distrusting of him.

The Last of Us 2 continues the story five years later:

Five years later, Joel and Ellie discover something dark about each other’s past, which changes the way they look at their future.

Shawn James is preparing for his Europe tour. To check out his tour dates, and to find out more about him and his music, visit Shawn James Music.


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