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Do you love Horror? Ever wanted to cover the field and express your opinion on the genre? Are you ready to embark, strengthen and begin your career in writing, podcasting, and/or video? You’ve arrived at the right place. DecayMag is looking for writers such as you to join the team as a content contributor.

Use DecayMag as a platform to begin your career in writing. We’ll provide valuable journalism insight and experience throughout the workflow process. As a content contributor, you’ll learn many facets of online content creation. Become a content contributor, have your voice heard!

The door is open for media content and journalism opportunities. We‘ve interviewed many actors, directors, and producers in the Horror genre and continue to do so. We provide an opportunity to gain experience as a podcaster or video editor. DecayMag is looking to branch video content.

We are Looking For:

We’re looking for committed and responsible individuals. Online writing experience is unnecessary,  we do require a creative writing background. You must have a love for Horror and a drive to express your opinion on the genre. A desire to gain experience and exposure for your writing is critical.

We are not Interested In:

We’re not interested in a lack of creative expression. A film review does not comprise: “The movie sucks, period”. We’re also not interested in plagiarized content, unrefined grammar and laziness.

Open Positions:

  • Industrial Music Podcast Co-Host
  • In-Studio Podcast Host
  • Live Production
  • Marketing
  • Video Game Journalist
  • Video Editor


Will I Get Paid?

  • Please be aware this opportunity is on a volunteer basis only.

How Long Should my Articles be?

  • We require articles to be 350+ words.

Am I Assigned Topics or Do I Search For Topics Own My Own?

  • Both, If you stumble upon a topic and find it to be an appropriate topic do contact the editor. Our automated systems sweep the internet for genre-specific news. Also, we receive news from industry sources. More than likely suggestions may already be in our database. We will give assignments on a variety of genre-related topics.

How Many Articles am I Required Submitting?

  • The more you’re willing to submit the better coverage you’re giving your name. We share all content across social networking platforms. Most times, our film reviews get shared and commented by talent and/or directors themselves.

Will I receive Training?

  • Yes, ongoing content contributors will learn the formatting essentials in writing for blogs and online sources. These tools and training will benefit your endeavors for online writing platforms.

What is the difference between guest and content contributor?

  • Guest contributors are likely to have an established online presence and are providing content for DecayMag on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Content contributors work close with the editor in providing weekly content on a stable ongoing basis.

What are some benefits of becoming a content contributor?

  • Content contributors may interview aspiring talent and established talent in the field of Horror. The option is also open to reviewing films and media weeks before release date. DecayMag is ever expanding, and it also explores options to deliver news on various platforms including print and online media. Content Contributors living in the New York City or Los Angeles area may also have the opportunity to attend special events and screening perks.



DecayMag began as a news aggregator platform. The idea soon morphed into an original-content driven medium and since then we’ve become an established website. Our continued growth results from our dedication and commitment.



We provided the latest in video game film, crowdfunding news, and reviews. We distribute each content across social media platforms. Also, we linked our film reviews on IMDB, and clients link our articles to credible websites.



We record our podcasts every week and feature exclusive interviews and the latest in trending topics of discussion. DecayMag distributes each episode across all major podcasting platforms to listen and/or download.


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