Calm Before, 4 Pies Productions Discuss Upcoming Psychological Thriller

Calm Before Production Team Roundtable Interview

DecayMag Sessions Ep 5 Tara Lynn Marcelle - writer, director, producer Vanessa Ore - actress, producer Catherine Trail - actress, producer Calm Before

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In episode five (5) we feature an exclusive interview with a trio of accomplished filmmakers and actress. On the 25th of January 2018, I had the pleasure of conversing with

Tara Lynn Marcelle – writer, director, producer

Vanessa Ore – actress, producer

Catherine Trail – actress, producer

Marcelle, Ore, and Trail established 4 Pies Productions LLC a film production company devoted to establishing character-driven narratives. Calm Before, a psychological Thriller with contexts involving betrayal and mental health is the first feature undertaking from this newly established team. The Following is an excerpt/description from the official press release;

4 Pies Productions, LLC is a newly-formed production company formed and led by women with one vision in mind: To produce quality independent films of all genres with women as the central leads. Partnered with an additional female-driven production company, ElFilms Productions, producers Vanessa Ore, Tara Lynn Marcelle and Catherine Trail will create and support both dramatic and comedic projects that bring to life the stories of female characters who demand their voices be heard.

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Calm Before, Female Driven Psychological Thriller Begins Filming

Calm Before completes its principal photography and is now on the editing slate. Future updates are forthcoming, tune into DecayMag for those developments. In our conversation, Marcelle, Ore, and Trail describe their expedition into seeing their initial production take off from the ground. You, the audience will further discover our guest’s viewpoint on naysayers and negative obstacles on and how to thrive against the odds.

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