Christopher Lawrence Chapman Talks Inoperable, Upcoming Projects

Christopher Lawrence Chapman Exclusive Interview

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In DecayMag Sessions Episode 3 you’ll be introduced to Director, Writer, Producer; Christopher Lawrence Chapman. This interview marks the second time Chapman has spoken with DecayMag. In October 2016 Chapman was interviewed by Enid Artuz, DecayMag Content Contributor in regards to then Chapman’s unreleased film Inoperable.

In our second interview, Chapman discusses Inoperable along with his future forecast of films, and ideas developing in the works. Inoperable will release on Video on Demand and stars Danielle Harris in the lead.

A nationwide DVD, Digital HD release for Inoperable will arrive February 6th, 2018.

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Inoperable, Director Christopher Chapman -Podcast Interview

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Inoperable Storms With Timeless Performances, Concept

On the many topics discussed Chapman touched on casting Isabella Sofia Menna as a key role in Inoperable.  The following comment reflects his views on the absence of the Latino community in cinema

“To me, it’s annoying that you don’t see more the Latino American people in films….

…. I don’t know whoever is writing these or whoever is producing or whoever is making these decisions, I don’t understand what’s going and I’m sure that this formula, there’s a secret formula that these people know about and they’re using the secret formula to make movies and make a lot of money presumably. I don’t know what the formula is, but to me it just doesn’t make sense.”

Christopher Lawrence Chapman on the lack of Latinos in lead or supporting lead roles

Catch this and many intriguing topics in our interview with Christopher Lawrence Chapman.

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