DecayMag Podcast S6 Ep6: Let’s Play Dead Girl Roundtable Interview, Buzzard Hollow Beef Roundtable Interview

DecayMag Podcast Season 6 Episode 6 Details 

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1. Opening Greetings

Host, Ken Artuz (0:00:13)

2. Movie News

Friends Don’t Let Friends (04:37)

Dogged Gets US Distribution (10:10)

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Dogged, A Strategic Psychological Horror, Mystery -Review

Crocodylus Premieres for Charities (15:10)

Red Carpet Premier


3. Interview Segment: Let’s Play Dead Girl Roundtable Interview (19:04)

Christian Alexander Morán – Director

Yessenia Rivas – Actor

Laura Guzman – Actor

Tomas Bergland – Actor

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Lets Play Dead Girl, Supernatural Horror Raises True Story -WIHFF Selection

4. Interview Segment: Buzzard Hollow Beef Roundtable Interview (82:12)

Joshua Johnson – Director/Writer

Tara C. Hall – Writer

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Buzzard Hollow Beef; Uncanny, Entertaining Horror -WIHFF Selections

5. Video Games The Quest Giver

The Quest Giver 2D Fantasy Guild Manager Simulation (138:20)

The Quest GiverKickstarter Campaign

Black Mirror (144:12) King-Art, Black Mirror

Ghoulboy Out on iTunes (148:01)

6. Trailer First Impressions

Dangerous People (151:54)

Night Hunters (156:58)

Official Site


The Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant (163:14)



















Official Site

Terror Films


7. Outro (168: 26)



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