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To listen to the latest DecayMag Podcast on Google Home or Google Mini use command; “Ok Google, listen to DecayMag Podcast”. Ken Artuz, DecayMag Founder, Enid Artuz, Co-Host, Stacy Cox, Co-Host featuring the latest news in Horror cinema. In season 6 episode 11, we cover the following topics:


In this section, we discuss productions that have been delayed release and hit on a few of many reasons on why that could be. Other productions have minimal details, so we await for information.

Cloverfield: God Particle Postponed

Death House Locks Release Date

Stillwater, Christian Ditter to Direct

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Delayed

Aura Completes Filming

Aliens: Zone of Silence Gets Worldwide Release

Aliens: Zone of Silence is now available to stream on Netflix. Its inspired by true events, which we give further details about in the podcast.


Netflix’s Bright, Sequel in the Works

David Ayer‘s Bright brings Fantasy characters to a real-life setting. When we think of Fantasy, we think of movies such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It’s hard to imagine characters in human form. Bright is the first production (that comes to mind) to introduce this perspective.

Likewise, the film plays out in similar situations as real life. As we discuss in the podcast, there’s a confrontation between the humans, the orcs, and the elves. This equivalent to everyday life and societal norms.

SyFy Orders George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers


In this section, we analyze movie trailers and discuss our thoughts. Listen as we provide in-depth conversations for each trailer.


Thank you for tuning into DecayMag Podcast season six (6) episode eleven (11) with Founder Ken Artuz, Co-Host Enid Artuz, and Co-Host Stacy Cox. We are not Decay magazine, we are not the word decay or the letters DK, we’re not Donna Karen. We’re DecayMag.


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