Dry Blood, Psychological Horror Thriller Is Addictive

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Welcome to this week’s episode to DecayMag Session Episode 19, an audio broadcast for Horror aficionados who want the latest in trending updates on all facets of film, television, and video games. In this episode, we have two interview sessions with the cast and crew of Dry Blood.

On Thursday, December 13th, 2018, I had the opportunity to speak with Dry Blood Writer Clint Carney and Dry Blood Director Kelton Jones. Both Carney and Jones star opposite one another in the film. This interview is a special highlight to my music interest in Industrial, EBM and Darkwave genres. Many may be unaware that Clint Carney is a musician under the name System Syn. The week prior I had interviewed Ronan Harris, VNV Nation another pioneer in the music field.

Immediately following my interview with Carney and Jones was a conversational interview with Actor Rob Galluzzo and special effects, Makeup Artist Sioux Sinclair both of whom worked in Dry Blood. Galluzzo’s contribution to Dry Blood extends further from his role as The Clerk. He works with Dread Central Presents, Epic Pictures the distributing house behind the film. Sinclair’s work in the field of makeup effects further cements our spotlight on women in horror.

Ken Artuz, DecayMag Founder

To accompany these interviews, we discuss Psychology in Horror, Practical Effects vs CGI, Character Story, and Music for Horror.

Ken Artuz serves as Host for DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Sessions with Stacy Cox serving as Co-Host.


Psychology in Horror Films

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DecayMag.com Dry Blood

Dry Blood is a psychological film in a few areas. Addiction and mental illness are strong focal points here. In this section, in the case of Dry Blood, we discuss psychology in horror films.


Dry Blood Actor, Director Kelton Jones

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DecayMag.com, Kelton Jones, Dry BloodDirector Kelton Jones’ love of cinema began as a child in the seventies. His mother owned a quaint flower shop that shared a wall with the singular movie theatre on the rural main street of Buffalo, Texas. Kelton would spend his afternoons watching, and re-watching, the afternoon showings as he waited for his mother to finish the day’s work.

When the rare feature film would be shot on location in a nearby town, Kelton would find a way to the set, so that he could watch from the sidelines, as the filmmakers spun their magic.

Finally, at age 16, Kelton’s first feature in front of the camera gave him the chance to ask the crew if he could join them after he finished his work as an actor. From that very first film, Kelton has permeated the boundaries between actor and filmmaker craftsman. Dry Blood is the culmination of a lifetime spent studying film, working on sets, writing scripts and acting

Dry Blood Actor, Writer Clint Carney

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DecayMag.com Clint Carney Dry BloodClint Carney is a well-known Los Angeles based musician, artist, writer, and filmmaker. Clint’s musical work first came into the spotlight in 2004 when he released his first official album under the name, System Syn.

To date, System Syn has released seven albums and multiple singles and has performed all over the world. Throughout the years, Clint has also served as a keyboard player and backup vocalist for the bands; Imperative Reaction and God Module.

As a fine artist, Clint is best known for his graphic and disturbing oil paintings. His artwork has shown in galleries and private collections worldwide and has been featured on magazine covers, clothing lines, and musical albums. His work can also be seen in many major motion pictures, television shows, commercials, and music videos.

Clint has created iconic imagery through artwork and props for films by such directors as JJ Abrams (Star Trek Into Darkness), David Fincher (Gone Girl), Oliver Stone (Savages), Wes Craven (Scream 4), Cameron Crowe (We Bought a Zoo), and more.


Practical Effects vs CGI

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DecayMag.com Dry Blood

Practical Effects and CGI and their effects on filmmaking are a widely discussed topic in cinema. A lot of filmmakers use CGI, which can, a lot of times, take away from films, depending on the kind of film it is. Meanwhile, Practical Effects is great art that seems to be going out of style. In this section, we discuss the use of Practical Effects and CGI in films, paying full detail to Dry Blood.


 Dry Blood Actor, Robert V. Galluzzo

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Robert Galluzzo has been an online entertainment journalist since 2004. He’s contributed to Fangoria Magazine, Shock Till You Drop, FEARNet, co-created Icons of Fright and is currently the senior editor for Blumhouse.com.

He’s acted in various short films from Drew Dywalt, but Dry Blood marks his first feature-length debut.


Special Makeup Effects Artist Sioux Sinclair

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DecayMag.com, Sioux Sinclair, Dry Blood

Sioux Sinclair is a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Specializing in FX makeup, prosthetics, blood rigs, temporary tattoos/tattoo cover, and beauty. Working in film, TV, music videos, and commercial content.





Character Story

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DecayMag.com Dry Blood

Character stories are an integral part of writing and filmmaking. It’s important for the characters to have good foundations. In this section, we discuss character story and pay great attention to the characters in Dry Blood.


Music for Horror

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DecayMag.com Dry Blood

Music in horror has new meaning. It has become a huge presence in horror, not only in cinema but in video games as well. In this section, we discuss the presence and importance of music hold in horror. We give a spotlight to Dry Blood and to Actor, Writer, Musician, Clint Carney.


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