Dylan Reynolds, Vanessa Rose Parker Talk 420, Horror and 4/20 Massacre

Dylan Reynolds, Vanessa Rose Parker husband, and wife team join DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 2 for an exclusive interview surrounding her upcoming releases 4/20 Massacre.

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Intro (00:00)

Ken Artuz Founder, DecayMag, and DecayMag Content Contributor serve as co-host for DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep2.

 Segment 1. Movie News

Terminator Reboot Stars Mackenzie Davis? ( 01:25)

iSparked Studios Upcoming Films (10:50)

Neko Sparks and the team at iSparked Studios hard at work in delivering horror content to the masses. Let’s begin with It Comes. This film is Slated for October Release and combines found footage aesthetics with urban legend concept. It Comes is targets VOD, DVD distribution platforms and the lengthy synopsis reads as follows:

Nearly two decades after their mother’s mysterious disappearance, Sophia, and Kassie Lind receive an anonymous photo of their mother held captive in a remote village in Norway. Though doubtful of the photo’s authenticity, the sisters are certain the cryptic photo holds the key to solving the decades-old question of their mother’s disappearance. Along with a film crew, the sisters set out on a cross-country trek to uncover the truth.

The village, long since abandoned, is said to be roamed by the Norwegian boogieman – the Buse mann. Confined to the village by an ancient curse, legend has it that for the curse to be lifted the Buse mann’s name must be repeated 3 times by a living descendant of the village. Along the trek, on a drunken dare, mention of the demon’s name has set it free… now it comes for them, comes for us all.

The Woods: Tales of the X Species Volume 1. Is another project from iSparked Studios and is now available on Amazon Prime VOD. This film looks to be a series of films that focus on cryptozoological creatures.

The synopsis reads as follows

A team of researchers encounter an ancient predator in the woods of New Mexico.

Through the Glass Darkly in Production (19:53)

Segment 2. Film Reviews

They Remain (31:36)

They Remain is a slow boiler Thriller, which may or may not translate well to the viewer. DecayMag.com They Remain Director: Philip Gelatt Writers: Laird Barron (short story "--30--"), Philip GelattThe focus remains with the two scientists Keith portrayed by William Jackson Harper and Jessica portrayed by Rebecca Henderson and the strange occurrences in and around their research site.

In my opinion, I enjoy Thrillers that rise to a crescendo but at times I felt the film needed more visual cues to insert a horror or mystery feel. The way the film flowed I felt I was watching a found footage narrative with a non-found footage direction. With this content in mind, many horror enthusiasts will grasp a sense of how the narrative to They Remain develops, all the impacting visuals are kept to the final moments in ACT III.

The practical effects were non-existent here and so was the scare factor. They Remain remains grounded with a real-world feel and it is the human emotion or the disintegration thereof that catapults the film into different areas of entertainment. They Remain is a Thriller, not a Horror film but the frightful conveyance of a psychological breakdown is shared in this film. This emotional context becomes the monster in Gelatt’s production.

Ken Artuz

DecayMag.com They Remain Director: Philip Gelatt Writers: Laird Barron (short story "--30--"), Philip Gelatt

While two scientist explores the unnatural animal behavior of a mysterious cult site they are mentally invaded with strange visions that trap them between the horrors of the cult and their personal relationship with each other.

The cinematography was clear, lively, and spectacular. The setting for the film takes place in a wooded forest engulfed in vivid warm colors that brings the natural world to life. It is the first time I’ve ever seen such great footage of a normal setting in my own backyard to be depicted so purely. Camera angles complement the story by capturing particular psychedelic visions and sucking in the audience. I must state that the originality of the film is truly one of a kind. They Remain had a unique storyline that tied in true life personal and romantic issues with supernatural visions supported by activity and was paced to real-time action. The support of this laid tremendously on the performances of William Jackson Harper who plays Keith and Rebecca Henderson who plays Jess. The strange chemistry between these two scientists was fueled by strange sexual energy and the need for one character to need complete control over the entire voyage of the other.

The viewing experience was without a doubt worthy and will entrap you into the mysterious world within the woods the balances between what’s real and what’s hallucination.

Ali Vela

The Lullaby (46:52)

The film is directed by Director: Darrell Roodt and Writer: Tarryn-Tanille PrinslooDecayMag.com The Lullaby Director: Darrell Roodt Writer: Tarryn-Tanille Prinsloo


Returning to her hometown, Eden Rock, and overwhelmed by the birth of her firstborn, Chloe van Heerden (19) tries to come to terms with motherhood. Despite the support from her loving mother, Ruby (35), Chloe struggles with the demand of being a new mom.

I found the film had a fine example of psychological thriller and the supernatural. The way in which the two different spectrums blend well. I’ve seen this concept before but in my opinion writer, Tarryn-Tanille Prinsloo does a great job at creating relatable characters especially with the core of the story postpartum depression. This is a condition that afflicts hundreds if not thousands of women yearly. To convey this medical condition into a horror atmosphere is thinking outside the box.

At first, I found the performances to be rather dry. As the film progress I got invested in the story that I ignored the slight nuances that made the presentation feel as if it were a Horror B-Movie. I think viewers will share a similar sentiment while watching The Lullaby. The narrative carries the film and the actors did a good job at representing these psychologically fragmented characters.

The highlight for me was the cinematography. Yet, I found the film was too dark and am not referring to the psychological aspect. The lullaby, visually needed more lighting. I know, I know the vibe was to create a creepy atmosphere but the darkness felt overdone and dilutes the scare factor. Audiences are expecting something to happen by staying in this setting. A break between different lightning would have played the tension better.

The special effects were a mesh of practical and special effects but I see that the latter was used to emphasize

In conclusion

The Lullaby has a great psychological to supernatural ratio. I found the narrative to be frightening as it conveys a real-life situation and circumstances. The portrayals were good but certain emotional reactions was a bit lacking. The of course does not dilute the production in any way. The Lullaby will become of of 2018’s under the radar indie hits. Depending on the viewers/viewers audiences may or may not breath in the deeper concepts conveyed.

Ken Artuz

DecayMag.com The Lullaby Director: Darrell Roodt Writer: Tarryn-Tanille Prinsloo

After returning home with a newborn, 19-year-old Chloe Van Heerden has found herself in between the horrors of postpartum depression and an entity that wants to haunt her motherhood. Set in the reputed town of Eden Rock, Chloe finds herself battling for her sanity.

The film is dark and gloomy which adds value to the story but I personally would have loved for it to be a bit brighter to give it a truer to life element. Other than that the film was shot beautifully with its tight shots and quick cuts. The portrait of each character was captured and emotions were quickly sensed. The horrors of the haunting entity and the struggle to stay above water for Chloe was real. We know about postpartum depression but we never get to see it in film, especially in the horror genre. The Lullaby was a one of a kind perspective on the mental issue that women face during motherhood. Reine Swart’s performance as Chloe was heartfelt and genuine. Thandi Puren as Ruby Van Heerden supported her daughter’s performance with an opposite balance and Brandon Auret as Dr. Timothy Reed adds an extra element to the story.

Ali Vela

Segment 3. Exclusive Interviews 4/20 Massacre (59:52)

Dylan Reynolds Director, Writer

Vanessa Rose Parker Actress, Producer

Segment 4. Trailer First Impressions

Siren (106:22)

But Deliver us from Evil (116:03)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 (125:45)

Closing Thoughts (133:58)


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