Jamie Bernadette, Exclusive Interview DecayMag Podcast S 7 Ep 1

Jamie Bernadette has a distinguishing mark in Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller cinema for her stern female leads. Bernadette joins DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 1 for an exclusive interview surrounding her upcoming releases Killing Joan and 4/20 Massacre.

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Introduction 00:00

Ken Artuz Founder, DecayMag serves as host for DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep1

Segment 1. Movies

Zak Bagans’ Documentary The Demon House (02:26)

DecayMag Podcast S 7 EP 1 Zak Bagans Demon House

The trailer to Demon House dropped on YouTube on February 26, 2018, via the
Freestyle Digital Media and Ghost Adventures channel.

This film is the next documentary featuring and The Ghost Adventures crew. Many aficionados of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures series have waited both patiently and anxiously for word on the release of Demon House.

For those unfamiliar with the story behind the Demon House documentary, I’m going to provide an excerpt from an article I penned and published on DecayMag back in April 2016.

On or around January 2014, Bagans’ personal research/crusade on the paranormal led him to Gary, Indiana. Bagans purchased a nondescript home located at 3860 Carolina Street for thirty-five thousand dollars. The investment was the initial step towards a new paranormal-themed documentary. At the time Bagans’ pre-production investigation centered on the home and its previous tenants, a family of five.

Latoya Ammons’ her mother and Ammon’s three children were afflicted with paranormal activity. Their story reverberating across numerous articles, news segments, and interviews.
The abode although ordinary had a plethora of strange anomalies. Demonic possession and other examples of the paranormal took place, this according to the official narrative. News on this event captured global headlines. Carolina Street, the once unpretentious district in Gary, Indianapolis turned into a media spotlight.

Here are some of the incidents reported at the Demon House

• Latoya Ammons and her mother Rosa Campbell witnessed a 12-year-old levitate above the bed

• Footsteps were heard on the basement stairs and doors opened between the basement and kitchen.

• Shadow figure of a man walking across the living room

• Wet footprints were reported to be found on the floor

• Local churches refused to assist. One church confirmed the Carolina Street house was indeed haunted. Two clairvoyants claimed 200 demons resided within the home

• Check out the trailer, I’ll provide the link to it in the description below and please share your thoughts on this weird modern-day case of demonic possession, fact or fiction?

The Devil and Father Amorth Documentary (8:46)

DecayMag Podcast S 7 EP 1 The Devil and Father Amorth

Exorcisms are tales of fiction or are they? Since 1973 the mystique of demonic possession captured the imagination of popular culture.. This was the year The Exorcist was released and since then filmmakers have worked hard to create a production that parallels the visual merits of Director William Friedkin.

It is said that The Exorcist is based on true events, a demonic possession involving a fourteen-year-old boy. The reported incident occurred over a two month period in March and April of 1949.

This spawned the 1971 novel called The Exorcist written by William Peter Blatty and later the 1973 film.

Its 2018 and Director William Friedkin is bringing another spotlight on the topic of demonic exorcism with The Devil and Father Amorth. This film is not a work of fiction but instead unfolds as a documentary.

In his latest, William Friedkin returns not only to his documentary roots but to the subject of one of his most towering works, 1973’s The Exorcist. Friedkin, a legendary raconteur, leads a tour that moves from the infamous Exorcist steps in Georgetown to Italy, where he meets with the 91-year-old Father Gabriele Amorth, official exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, and accompanies Amorth on one of his harrowing house calls. A sprightly, at times gonzo-style investigation into the long history of demonic lore, and a one-of-a-kind insight into the persistence of medieval belief in the supposedly modern world.

Buck Productions Begin Making Monsters (15:16)

Buck Productions’ CEO Sean Buckley announced that production has begun on its new horror film Making Monsters

Co-Directed and written by Justin Harding with Rob Brunner and Dale Andrews The film is a joint production between Buck Productions, the Bokeh Collective, and Ginger Cat Studios. Production on the feature film is taking place in Northern Ontario.

“We’re always looking to support rising talent at Buck, and because of our longstanding relationship with Justin and Rob, and the quality of content they’ve delivered for Buck as co-showrunners, not to mention their proven track record in the horror film space, I immediately jumped on to partner with them when they told me about the project.”

Sean Buckley, CEO, Buck Productions.

“We believe that Making Monsters will be an exact reflection of that pure and simple love. The script is designed to terrify audiences with a unique style while delivering incredible comedy and suspense.

There is nothing quite like it and that makes us very happy. At some point in life, you have to take a creative leap and Making Monsters is exactly that. I’m so proud to take that leap alongside Justin, our partners and the rest of the Bokeh Collective”.

Rob Brunner, Co-Director Making Monsters

Making Monsters stars Tom Loden Alana Elmer, Jarrett Siddall, and Peter Higginson

The synopsis reads as follows:

A celebrity couple famed for their popular prank-scare channel retreat for a relaxing vacation to a friend’s converted church in the countryside when a series of mysterious events unfold that spiral them into an unexpected nightmare.

World Premiere of Manos Returns at Crypticon Seattle (19:50)

DecayMag Podcast S 7 EP 1 Crypticon Manos Returns

Manos Returns will make its world premiere at Crypticon Seattle, Friday, May 4 at 9 pm as part of the North West filmmakers showcase.

A sequel to the cult classic Manos The Hands of Fate, Manos Returns focuses on a group of hapless travelers who get lost on a road trip and stumble into the sinister world of Valley Lodge.

Jackey Neyman Jones, who was featured as Debbie in the original Manos, and co-produced and stars in Manos Returns, will appear as a special celebrity guest at Crypticon.

After the Manos Returns screening, there will be a Q&A with Neyman Jones and the other producers:

• Award-winning Seattle filmmaker Tonjia Atomic

• Award-winning Oregon filmmaker Joe Sherlock

• Seattle artist Rachel Jackson

The four will also be featured in the “Everything’s Coming Up Manos” panel later in the weekend. Manos The Hands of Fate premiered in 1966, was immortalized by Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and is considered by many to be the worst movie of all time.

Event Details:

Location: Doubletree Hotel 18740 International Blvd Seattle, WA 98188

Crypticon Website

Manos Returns Website

2018 Nitehawk Shorts Festival Announced (21:52) 

Nitehawk Shorts Festival will return for a 6th year in 2018 at Nitehawk Cinema. Submissions open April 6 and we will be incorporating the new location at Prospect Park this fall. Our Nitehawk Shorts Selects touring program will also be returning for a second year, but more details to come.

Nitehawk Cinema’s Nitehawk Shorts Festival will return for a 6th year over November 7-12, 2018. The Festival features six days of screenings, special events, and parties that highlights and supports a diverse range of voices in short films. As the festival continues to expand, this year the Festival will also include more prize partners, new workshops and even the inclusion of Nitehawk Cinema’s second location.

Segment 2 Exclusive Interview Jamie Bernadette (24:14)

DecayMag Podcast S 7 EP 1 Exclusive Interview Jamie Bernadette

Jamie Bernadette has a distinguishing mark in Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller cinema for her stern female leads. To date, Bernadette has over seventy (70) acting credits spanning ten (10) years.

Her career began with a performance on HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me. Bernadette pursued her dreams of becoming an actress, conferring to her interview she set out to Hollywood, leaving behind her hometown with only $600 to her name.

Killing Joan and 4/20 Massacre will release on April 3rd, 2018 both star Bernadette as the lead. Previous to these releases were All Girls Weekend, State of Desolation, and American Satan. One of her much-awaited upcoming projects is the conclusion to the 1978 exploitation film I Spit on Your Grave with I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu. Director Meir Zarchi and actress Camille Keaton reprise their roles in this next installment of the franchise.

Besides acting Bernadette also produced and Co-wrote The 6th Friend. Her film would draw a slate of awards in its film festival circulation.

Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions

Followers (67:18)

 Death Kiss (72:46)

Speak of the Devil (79:44)

Outro (87:14)


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