Jason Winn, Cole Winokur, and Nicholas M Sato Join DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 4

Jason Winn talks about his latest release, Rave Party Massacre. In our second intersession filmmakers Cole Winokur and Nicholas M Sato relay information on their crowdfunding campaign, Spirit.

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Intro: 00:13

Ken Artuz Founder, DecayMag, and DecayMag Content Contributor serve as co-host for DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep3.

Intro 00:13

Movie News

The Crow Reboot Recasting 2:41

The Black Gloves Hits Amazon Video 12:17

Tristan Risk’s first short film Parlour Tricks 16:56

Todd Sheets Clownado Crowdfunding 19:16

Exclusive Interview

Jason Winn Rave Party Massacre 27:15

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Rave Party Massacre, Music-Video Expression To Slashers

Cole Winokur, Nicholas M Sato 73:44

Also, filmmakers Cole Winokur and Nicholas M Sato discuss their latest project in the crowdfunding stage, Spirit. For more information on the Spirit crowdfunding campaign

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Spirit, Manifests Crowdfunding For MMA Horror Film


War of the worlds TV Adaptation 111:04

Supernatural Latino Horror, Forte 116:57

Trailer First Impressions

The First Purge 120:16

Within The Darkness 126:58

Outro 132:30


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