Jeremy Herbert Discusses The Childish Things, Budget Filmmaking

Jeremy Herbert Exclusive Interview 

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DecayMag Sessions provides exclusive spotlight interviews with prominent influencers in the field of Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller cinema. In Episode 4 you’ll be introduced to Director, Screenwriter Jeremy Herbert. According to the press release, Herbert is a filmmaker known for making movies that;

“….cost less than minor kitchen appliances.”

The Childish Thing is an incredibly personal project for me, for reasons that should become clear as/if you watch it. It was an attempt to make something a little off-beat. No blood. No power tools. Sparing use of four-letter words. Gateway horror, like Poltergeist or Stranger Things. Something fun, funny and, hopefully, affecting.”

Jeremy Herbert, Director Writer The Childish Thing

Herbert’s first film Killer Date won Best Ohio Film at 2016 Nightmares Film Festival. In 2017, Herbert’s second film The Childish Thing earned a nomination for Best Ohio Short at 2017 Nightmares Film Festival.

In this episode, Herbert relays his fears as a filmmaker along with his drive to creating Horror films, especially with zero to low budget.

The Childish Thing is circulating in a film festival run for the 2018 calendar year. Be sure to read our review.

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