Loren W. Lepre Discusses Daily Grind, The Dark Military, and Filmmaking

Loren W. Lepre Exclusive Interview

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DecayMag.com Sessions EP 1 The Dark Military Loren W. LepreGood evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Ken Artuz founder of DecayMag and you are listening to DecayMag Sessions a podcast dedicated for our exclusive interviews with industry leaders, filmmakers, writers, musicians, composers in the field of Horror, Thriller and Science Fiction.

This week, well actually on January 8th in the evening of, I had the opportunity to speak with Loren W. Lepre. Lepre is a filmmaker, Philadelphia native, pro wrestler turned MMA fighter turned actor turned filmmaker. Mr. Lepre is CEO and Founder of Freedom Shorts and Average Superstar Films he also spearheads the film festival Liberty Massacre.

DecayMag is one of few selected Horror news outlets to have reviewed The Dark Military. Read our impressions of Lepre’s upcoming film.

Be sure to answer Lepre’s question of the week; “What makes a good Horror Movie?”

Dark Military, The. Targets Social Media As Horror



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