Marshal Hilton Talks About Being A Bad Guy, Primal Rage

Marshal Hilton Exclusive Interview

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Overview Hiltom Marshall

Marshal Hilton is an Actor, Producer and is notable for portraying villainous/anti-hero figures in Horror cinema. Hilton possesses over fifty (50) acting credit spanning twenty-five (25) years. Some of Hilton’s memorable work includes;

• Co-starring in the 3D Animated Comic Book adaptation of “The Living Corpse” from Anchor Bay films.

• Supporting in the Fantasy Sci-Fy Adventure Drama Fate

• Supporting in the Vampire Drama Teeth & Blood

• Supporting in the Horror Thriller Bunnyman 2 for Anoc Entertainment.

• Regular Co-Star, on the #1 Rated Fox Kids Show Beetleborgs Metallix


Born in Long Beach California, this Southern California native has been working in Music, Film & Television since the age of 13. Marshal started off as Music and Theater major in Santa Barbara in the early 80’s, eventually changing his major to Marketing and Advertising while attending San Diego State University. Looking for a change of scenery, Marshal transferred to San Francisco State to work on his Masters, all the while continuing to be creative in the Arts.

Marshal ended up studying acting again with legendary Bay Area acting coach Jean Shelton, widely regarded as one of the finest acting teachers in the country. Mrs. Shelton had worked with Stella Adler, Harold Clurman and Lee Strasberg in the heart of the New York stage community, and had worked with the likes of Danny Glover and Howard Hessman, so Marshal figured he was in good hands. While living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marshal continued to study acting and work on independent films before relocating back home to Southern California.

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Primal Rage To Have Exclusive One Night Screening In Cinemas

Primal Rage

Hilton’s recent and/or upcoming projects include Blood Angel Astro The Debt Collector. Yet, in our interview we’ll be discussing Hilton’s role as B.D in the crytozoological horror film Primal Rage.

Fathom Events and Blue Fox Entertainment will launch Primal Rage in cinemas nationwide on for a one evening event, Tuesday, February 27 at 7:00 pm


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