Nino Aldi And Pedro Bastos Are This Week’s Exclusive Interviews

Nino Aldi is Director. Writer for The Mystery, Thriller, Stillwater. Pedro Bastos is the game developer at Massive Work Studio, Bastos discusses the latest project under development, Dolmen


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Ken Artuz, DecayMag Founder serves as Host along with:

Co-Host, Stacy Cox, Staff Correspondent.


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Below are the topics covered on DecayMag Podcast S8 Episode 10.

Introduction 00:13

Segment 1 Movie News

Will The Meg 2 Surface? 04:10

Synchronic Cast Developments 14:51

Spriggan Film Developments 25:17

Leave Not One Alive Cast Developments 37:17

Segment 2 Exclusive Interviews

Nino Aldi: Stillwater, Director/Writer  43:29

Pedro Bastos: Massive Work Studio 90:34

Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions

Mermaid’s Song 123:32

Strange Nature 133:57

RIDE 139:19

Deadwax 144:02

The Wind 150:50

Apostle 156:37

Outro 167:35


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