Piper Lincoln, Makayla Lysiak Talk Careers, Horror

Piper Lincoln portrays the lead in the upcoming Horror film The Barn. Makayla Lysiak offers roles in Mr. Mercedes, The Last Ship and What Still Remains.


DecayMag Podcast is an episodic podcast featuring the latest news in Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller genres. Areas of focus examine the mainstream and the independent sector which comprise but are not limited to film, music and video games.

Ken Artuz, DecayMag Founder serves as Host along with:

Co-Host, Stacy Cox, Staff Correspondent.


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Below are the topics covered on DecayMag Podcast S8 Episode 7.

Introduction 0:13

Segments 1. Television Streaming

M. Night Shyamalan’s TV Thriller Cast Developments 03:47

AHS Apocalypse Cast Developments 14:45

Vampyr Video Game Get TV Series Development 25:24

Kill Creek Novel Gets TV Development  35:19

Segment 2 Exclusive Interviews

Piper Lincoln 40:59

Makayla Lysiak 70:06

Segment 3. Trailer First Impressions

Suspiria 89:56

Killer Kate! 102:16

The Nun 111:08

Down A Dark Hall 122:53

Wolf Creek Season 2 135:07

The Purge Tv Series 141:28

Outro  147:26


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