Simone Kisiel, Women in Horror Month Spotlight.

Simone Kisiel’s Bug Anthology Will Creep Film Festivals

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Overview Simone Kisiel Bugs A Trilogy

Simone Kisiel’s upcoming Horror film/anthology Bugs A Trilogy will establish its course into film festival circulation in 2018. The film concentrates on entomophobia, a psychological fear of insects also referred to as insectophobia.

Kisiel graduated with honors from NYU-Tisch with a BFA in Drama and a minor in Creative Writing. Since graduating Kisiel is taking the independent production scene by storm. In 2014 her web series

• Official selection of the Miami Web Fest 2015
• Nominated for Best Mockumentary and won Best Sit-Com


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BUGS: A Trilogy Successfully Creeps With Phobias

Between 2015 to 2016 Kisiel achieved recognition within the film festival circuit. Combined, Kisiel’s short films received;

• Official selection at Manhattan Film Festival 2015 and won Best Short Film
• Official selection at the Manhattan Film Festival 2016

Delving into different genres Kisiel now directs her attention to Horror with the psychological horror anthology Bugs: A Trilogy. In our interview, Kisiel discusses fear of bugs, literally. Our interview with Simone Kisiel marks our continued coverage and recognition of Women in Horror Month.


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